- Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Served Me Well

It has been three years
Of loyalty
Of faithfulness
Of hard work
You have served me well

Although I am ready to give you up yet
I hereby proclaim that my
one and only
pair of shoes
have cancer

Butt cancer, that is.
Painful, eh?
And it had spread to other places.

You have served me well
Don't cry when you go

p/s: This pair of shoes cost me only RM 35.90!


PauLeong said...

ayor! i thought who is tat gal...mana tahu is ur shoes. HAHA!

kaun said...

hey.. didn't you know.. BUM shoes only last for so long..

Jon Chu said...

XD I fooled you! haha.

[kee aun]
Serious? I didn't know that! :)