- Saturday, April 12, 2008


After months of procrastinating, I finally decide that these books are to be 'clothed'. Went to Popular, Sunway Pyramid to purchase some wrapping papers and spent about four-and-a-half hours wrapping my thirty-three books.

Now is the time to find time to gobble these books down and feed the hungry reader within me, which means good time management - which I don't really possess despite trying real hard to manage time well.

These books are definitely any time more enjoyable than those boring journals I have to read...


Suit Lin said...

FINALLY! hah, poor your books.

Oh they never ask us to read fiction in our course work for a very good reason. XD

Jon Chu said...

Yes. FINALLY. They are 'clothed', not needing to stay stark naked all the time.

And if we were to be asked to read fiction, I am sure lecturers will be extinct by now, thanks to the wild ideas we are capable of conjuring.