- Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kids, Oh Kids

Teaching the piano has brought me a lot of smiles albeit the loads I have to carry on my shoulder. Don't get me wrong; I am not complaining that I have a lot to do, because believe me or not, I am somewhat a workaholic. I get restless when I do not have anything to do, and I am sure some of my friends can testify to this; I start singing/drawing/doing random things/saying random things and I will eventually get irritating to others.

So, yes, I have to be busy, and that is the only way I can survive. I think.

Today, while teaching piano, this very outgoing girl suddenly asked me, "Teacher, are you going to teach me piano until I go to Standard 6, and grow up to be as old as you, in 40 years time?"

I was actually stunned for a moment, not because of asking me if I will teach her or not, but rather the number factor.

Do I look like some 40 year old man?

Okay, and she has weird responses to my statements.

Jon: A crochet has no tail, remember it well, okay?
Girl: That's why they have no pairs!
Jon: That is correct!
Girl: They must be the poorest people on earth. They don't get to be couples.
Jon: =.="" (What kind of student am I teaching. So random one?!)

And when she saw me wearing a silver ring, the inquisitive her roared.

Girl: Teacher, are you married?
Jon: No.
Girl: Do you study in high school?
Jon: No.
Girl: Why aren't you married?
Jon: Because I am not?
Girl: What about a girlfriend?
Jon: No.
Girl: Then why are you wearing the ring?
Jon: (Was brainstorming for an answer, but salvation came.)

Girl's father: Don't ask so many irrelevant questions! People's business don't ask so much!

- Silence -

Girl: Teacher, do you study in a primary school?
Jon: *blink blink* No. What gives you the idea that I am studying in primary school?
Girl: Nothing. Just a question.

- Silence -

Girl: Teacher, when are you getting married?
Jon: Do you theory. Don't ask so many questions! RAWR!

That is what you get when you teach an energetic inquisitive kid. :)

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Amy said...

I definitely know what you mean! I have to be busy or else I am very restless and feel like I'm wasting time.


Jon Chu said...

Yeah. Totally. I think it's our personality. I think.

I may be wrong, but, yeah, I think.

~BeCkY~ said...

The girl is very CUTEE!!!!

I was like that when I was young..
I asked my tuition teacher the same question when I saw him wearing ring..

jeannie said...

haha!!cute indeed!! I would rather have this type of student than those rude ones I gt when I taught in a tuition centre...actually it's nt tat bad either since I can gt some 'exclusive' teaching experiences...hahaha!!

Zim Sen said...

*Blink Blink*

Girl watch lots of tv huh? I think I'll be stun with such questions...

Jon Chu said...

Oh, naughty/energetic students are a pain in the neck. But when you find out ways to 'tame' them, you might be surprised that you have actually found a way to counter students of the same 'type' in the future.

Hmmm. Am I speaking any sense? Haha.

Ah, I can see why. Haha. But you're not really the teaching type also, I think, considering the time I've known you. Hahaha. Correct me if I'm wrong. :)

jeannie said...

Yep!! I gt it! But the problem now is to find the most appropriate way to 'tame' them. That's not going to be easy. Parents nowadays are very sensitive over their children. I've heard another teacher telling me once that sometimes she's scared she'll be sued one day for canning or punishing the students. It's really not that easy to find the appropriate method in 'taming' them. If you have any smart ideas, remember to share with me ya. :)