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Yes, yes, I am Entangled, the Musical is on R.AGE, a college/university newspaper delivered to many colleges/university like Taylors, The One Academy, University Malaya...

Honestly, I did not believe that there would be a writeup about the event. Perhaps it's this contradicting part within me that does not dare to dream big yet wishes to be big that constantly wars within me that causes me to consistently doubt myself. I wanted Entangled, the Musical to be big, to be a pinnacle of the beginnings of my musical journey, to be a success... Yet, I feared if it were good enough to break through the standards set by the outside world.

Maybe it's time to stop worrying.

Yes, this writeup is certainly an encouragement to me that greater things are to come, awaiting my initiation to grab hold of it as it comes me by. There are times when everything just falls in place before you as you take a step or two. Though unsure of it's potentiality and your capabilities, you trust and hope that everything will be okay - this is how I feel now.

Just in case if you want to read the article, here it is:

An Entangling Affair
By Chin Pei Ling

JUGGLING their study assignments and other student-responsibilities, the cast of Entangled, the Musical has come a long way to achieve what was a successful night at University Malaya (UM) recently.

Organised by the PKVUM (Persaudaraan Kristian Varsiti Universiti Malaya) in conjunction with Easter celebrations, the musical attracted a crowd of 600 people from within and beyond the UM community.

Operating on a RM 8,400 budget from contributions and sales of Easter T-shirts, Entangled, the Musical was the brainchild of 19-year-old Jonathan Chu Kok Yoong and Physics and Education major, Lee Suit Lin.

Jonathan is the only person who is not from UM in the whole production of the musical. He had met Suit Lin through a forum some time ago.

"Suit Lin approached me if I wanted to help her in writing the script. I thought about it, and said yes because I wanted to challenge myself to see how I can go and to gain experience.

"While writing the script, I wrote many of the songs, and I was the best person to teach the casts and ensembles the songs since I composed them. So, I had to step in and direct, mainly the singing and music section." said Jonathan.

Entangled, the Musical is set in a modern society, showing five different personalities with different mentalities, rather than the conventional story that depicts the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Suit Lin said, "We decided to infuse elements of the common human struggle into contemporary characters. By highlighting these elements which are common yet seldom addressed directly in a Christian context, we hope to be able to show how Christianity is still relevant and has a say over the entanglement of humans."

The musical kicked off with a live band performing familiar Christian songs, which saw the audience rising from their seats and singing along to the tunes. The musical started soon after and had an intermission in which a pastor shared the significance of the musical to our lives.

According to Jonathan, the idea of the musical came about in early December 2007. It took them two months to complete the first draft and less than three months to practice for this huge-scale production. The whole experience was "challenging and time-consuming" to Jonathan, as the cast and crew are all regular students who had to juggle their studies with musical practices.

Environmental Engineering student Titus Loh Wei Ren, played the part of Edmond, a mysterious man who could not let go of his past. Edmond was also the antagonist of the story.

"I rejected taking the role twice, as the task of juggling university demands, external commitments and being involved in Entangled was impossibly daunting," said Titus, 23.

"However, I finally decided to accept the challenge. Looking back at how everything went, it was a pleasant experience indeed."

When some of the cast and crew was asked what was the most memorable or difficult experience they experienced throughout the musical, Suit Lin said, "Sitting in Jon's car with the song Entangled played in loop in my head as the concept of the scene where Cassandra 'kills' herself materialises, the energy of the song and scene that I had in my mind was utterly breath-taking. What a fitting for the character to 'die' with the song lingering in the ears of the audience. Beautiful, yet oh-so-tragic."

Titus, on the other hand, felt that the most difficult experience was when he was forbidden from shaving his facial hair for two months. He was forced to do so because he needed to look the part of the 50-year-old that his character Edmond was.

"But the most memorable must have been during the curtain call. As each of us walked on stage individually to bow to the audience, it was then that made me reflect on the experience as a whole," he said.

Microbiology major Kwek Ai Wei, 21, who was the main character and the star of the night, said, "I think the most memorable moments are those when encouragements and supports are exchanged among the cast."

Jonathan added, "Despite all the tiredness, stress, sweat, blood, the musical is worth all the effort, because at the end of the day, it is the satisfaction of seeing your sweat and blood materialize on the stage that counts. As I look back, I smile and pat my shoulder and tell myself, 'Ah, that experience was extraordinary'."

If you were to ask me if I am willing to restage Entangled, the Musical, I'd say, "Why not?"

p/s: I have so many thoughts bubbling within me. I just couldn't pen every one of them down, because should I do so, this blog wouldn't be able to contain them.

p/p/s: And if I sounded a bit proud in the above article, know for sure that it was not intended. (I feel like Lim Guan Eng.) XD


Zim Sen said...

Hmmm... I was thinking right. Since a book doesn't have the songs. Why not like sell both and the same time. Like you know, it's cheaper if you buy both then a single product separately.

Also maybe a recording of the event? For those who are just plain lazy to pick up the book and read. Just some suggestions...

AND, stop worrying. Worry about them marketing principles first. XD


Jon Chu said...

Haha. I am already worrying for Marketing Principles! Gosh!

Baldwin said...

wow!..proud of u son!..

this is a start of many great things to come from ur creativity! =)

SimianD said...

It's nice to appear in the papers and yet, looking back at it, it says a lot more about the incredible wave of opportunity we've had than anything else.

I know of far more worthy causes that never make it into the papers because they don't have the right connections and all.

So while there is cause for celebration and I/we owe this much to Ian and Pei Ling who have done what they have done for us, the press will always be this double-sided coin.

And perhaps through no fault of the writers who are only puppets in a media controlled by others greater than them.

Jon Chu said...

yo dad. thanks man! :D

[ben ong]
true. we owe it to them. its a real opportunity given to us. but above all, God is the One we are to thank. :)

peiling said...

wow, i cant believe u typed this out!