- Monday, May 19, 2008

To Do

College will begin in two days time, and the assignments I need to hand up are far from done. Yet, I suppose I will somehow be able to pull through. You have no idea how competitive the classes I am in, and to survive in the classes would trying to drown somebody else when I myself am suffocating.

Anyway, I had my share of doing assignments today. It's 4 freakin 28 am, and no, I am not going to continue doing my assignments. I am going to surf. I was reading Sarah Lim's blog and I found this rather interesting and decided to do it.

It's not a tag; just a list of what I want to do in this lifetime, which is somewhat is similar to financial planning.

In this lifetime, I want to... (not in order of importance)
1. Own a studio

2. Travel around the world. Hopefully to Japan, China, Taiwan, America, Britain, Paris, and Rome.

3. Record a few albums

4. Own a grand piano
Think about it - a 11-feet grand piano in your living room. The touch - so firm; the sound - so grand, so beautiful, so mystical.. Ah, simply irresistible.

5. Play the violin.

6. Write a book(s)

7. Be an orchestra conductor. Crazy as it seems, it's actually quite fun. :D
You get to shoot musicians (XD), meet talented chics, and control the outcome of the music.

8. Master Photoshop

9. Be a film director.

10. Graduate from oversees

11. Learn how to tango

12. Be and play in a band

13. Sing with Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat (although I don't know if it is firstly, possible or not, and secondly, if our voices can really blend.)

14. Own a drum set

15. Own a few guitars

16. Own a wardrobe of G2000 suits.
Titus, you be careful! I will rob you of your G2000 suit! XD

17. Perhaps be an editor of a music magazine

18. Design a website

19. Be a photographer, work with fashion designers and models and snap great professional pictures

20. Fall in love

21. Get married

22. Get five kids and name them: Jared, Maxwell, Jonathan Junior, Myanda, and Crystal

23. Build my own library filled with fiction storybooks, biographies, autobiographies, encyclopedias... all for my kids and myself to refer to when the need arises

24. Have a few best best best friend (not a dog la)

25. Write a script

26. Own a saxophone and learn how to play it

27. Write a complete score.
Oh, by the way, I am slowly taking my time to write up the scores for Entangled, the Musical. I am still stuck at Sweet Melody, by the way. Haha! It isn't as simple as you think!

28. Own an apartment

Hmmm. I may be a bit too ambitious. But then, oh well, I think I am always somewhat ambitious. I believe that this is the time - my youth - to conquer and grab hold of every opportunity possible to realize my dreams!

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SilverIsle said...

Wow. That's a really long list of yours.

I hope I can own a home studio as well! It doesn't need to be as luxurious as the one shown in your picture, as long as it's a simple decent one will do. =)

And I'm glad that I've achieved 12th and still continue in 15th. Hehe.

All the best!

Jon Chu said...

Hey, Silverisle!
Are you serious?! You are in a band?
Which band?
What guitar do you own?

Anonymous said...

So ambitiousnya.. and u even tot of the 5 kids name.. wai seh... if ur wife dun agree leh? :P