- Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hailer Video

One day, just you wait and see, I will be a part of the making of a video (or movie). I don't care if Jon M. Chu did Step Up 2 or not. I am going to see to it that Pig Up happens.

Hmph! And I am telling you the truth.

And although I was not - in any way - part of this video, I still feel proud of it. And darn, I must tell you that I am so proud of the ones who brought this entire simple video out.

P/S: I am going to learn up Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 the way I learned Photoshop, and NOBODY - I repeat, NOBODY - is going to stop me. RAWR!


pervertism101 said...

cinematography was great!!!

Loved it. But the fight scenes were too long though, plus the cliched music.

But hey, it was cool. Damn indie weii!!

ah^kam koko' said...

Go Jon Go!
Woo Hoo!

Phoebs said...

Love the video lo, so chun. I must say, out effort ain't bad...=P

Jon Chu said...

Thanks! It's a start from somewhere. =) Haha! Hope to be able to do something similar in the future! =)

Woohoo! XD

Yeah. It's really gud, I think. =)