- Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Random Updates

Update #01

The Jonathan Chu who used to be very fussy about rooms in a mess and usually begins cleaning up people's room or commenting about the heap of mess (Paul can testify to that, Haha) had officially contradicted his OCD and went to the dark side...

However, after the assignment craze, everything is back to normal... (Start thanking God)

And had also begun making a montage of memories on his room wall with pictures of friends, posters, and cards given by friends and so forth because he decided that life was too short and remembering friends and crazy activities done were not to be forsaken. =)

Update #02

Besides that, after the e-commerce presentation on Saturday, Yen, Melissa and Paul had to rush off to elsewhere, leaving Jonathan and Dixon alone. It was 'rather depressing' because originally the plan was to celebrate together, and who knew those three babifying mangatuts had to go to other places.

Nevertheless, both Dixon and Jon celebrated at Shang Hai Restaurant with a bottle of Sparkling Juice, which they finished within... approximately half an hour with much chit chat in between.

Let's just say both Dixon and Jon will make sure the three ffk-ish babifying mangatuts will pay for this... solitude. XD

Okay, that sounds wrong.
Ah, just screw the idea. HA!

Update #03

My entire life, I have never seen somebody with this number of hair gels, hair spray, and hair wax!

And I tell you, what shocked me more was this:

Doesn't it just tell you something, hmmm?