- Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Journey to the Sea(shore)

There are times when I tend to equate life with the sea.

The way the waters rush to the seashore and pull themselves back... The way they breathe out the breeze of saltiness... The depth of the sea with inner beauty truly exists... The dangers the sea poses when it erupts with rage, sending storms that swipes away boats...

Serene at the surface, but bursting with energy inside.

That's how I view the sea, with delight and fear...

Updates on PD Trip coming soon.


jeannie said...

Suddenly have an urge to go to the sea. Seriously need to get away from this city life for a day or two. Sigh.

Jon Chu said...

yes! I strongly encourage you do so! I'm serious! Go there and kick all your worries aside, and just breathe in the serenity of the sea.

They do help. =)

jeannie said...

Wish I can but I'm not local...dun have transport and dunno how to go. Sigh..Still have to stuck in PJ.

Btw, where's that in the picture?

Jon Chu said...

Oh. You can go to Pudu and get a bus ride over to PD. =)

It's rather simple. However, it would do greater help if you have friends who can drive and who would like to drive you over to PD. =)

What's what is that picture? Is there anything? Hahaha.

jeannie said...

Never mind abt the picture. lol
Thanks for the information. I might go there when I'm free. I'll see who's free to accompany to PD. :)

Jon Chu said...


Make sure you enjoy the serenity! Haha