- Thursday, July 17, 2008

PD Spinning to Life

As promised in one of my previous posts, this is the update on the recent PD Trip

I am currently ditching studies for a moment, which I hope will not jeopardize my exams. I mean, as I am still recovering from the mountainous uncountable sleep debts I have (thanks to the Communication Research paper), I suppose it wouldn't hurt to just drop by a new post, would it?

Funny how life has taken a sharp turn. I have never imagined being so crazy until I dare travel to Port Dickson with my friends without much contemplating. All I knew was I wanted a break (which wasn't entirely fulfilled, since I kept thinking about assignments while in PD), and I wanted to help Dixon in his photography assignment. So, what the heck? Why not give myself a break? After all, a man ought to pamper himself once in a while, right?

Although I can do a write-up about how enjoying the trip was, I shall let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy! =)

[Please note that these pictures are UN-edited.]

Upon arrival, we decided to commemorate this wondrous adventurous day
with a group photo.

In our hands were our personal tags with our names on it
and the company logo One-Stop-For-Two
which we were very proud of.
Plus, it was sort of like an identity all of us could identify with,
somewhat like a friendship cornerstone, if you may.

Once we took the group photo, it was time to set out
to search for a spot to take the shots.

Once we decided that it was the spot for the moment,
Dixon and I turned around, hollering for the others to come.
See Yen's fluttering hair. It says, "Coming lah! Haiyo!"

See Dixon at work with his camera.
As you know, Yen was his model for his assignment.

Meanwhile, Melissa was using the reflector as
sun shield. Don't ask me how on earth did she figured
it could block sun burns. I don't know.
*innocent face*

The girls decided to have a shot of their own...

There you go. A Yen and A Sasa.
On sale. Who wants?
I hear... nothing. Auction closed. >.>
(I'm so going to get shot)

Paul and I found a spot where crabs roamed about.
Check them out! A huge group of them!
I have to tell you that it's my FIRST time seeing
so many crabs at one time!

"It's green light! Run!"

I think they've never seen such a huge monster like me
stomping around their holy shrine of sand.
Whenever they see me, they bolt away.
To help Paul get his shots, I had to literally
walk in circles to get them near him,
who was standing in the middle.

This is our One-Stop-For-Two amazing race.
We walk on sand. We walk in water.
But we definitely don't do lion dance
like Melissa.

And then I offered to be the flower man.
Don't ask me why. I think it was because
Paul and Dixon were complaining that I wasn't
holding anything. >.>
You make a pig work! T.T

We paused for a moment,
and I became a sun shield.
And oh, just a random thought.
Imagine if I could turn those flowers into bullets.
Nyek nyek nyek. Dixon would be gone by now! XD

Bullets! Fire off!
Oops. I mean, fragile flowers... *looks around*

Yen looking far away into the horizon,
thinking deeply. About what - I don't know.
And then suddenly...

I don't know what happened. I think she heard
Paul and Dixon fart at the same time. O.o

And there she goes - the snicker she always wears,
only if you know how to observe.
You know what that smile means?
"Your secret is safe with me, Dixon and Paul.
Betray me, and the world will know how horribly
you orchestrated your Symphony of Fart no.1"

Then she turns and look at the astonished Jonathan Chu and said,
"What? Never seen a bad girl before?"

Yen imagining leading Sunday School.
"Who is the king of the jungle.. hoohoo!"

Dixon preaching. See that possibility of becoming a pastor?
Minus that fluttering hair and outfit, of course.

One of the shots taken. I have always preferred Yen's
side profile, because rather than seeing that bubbly smiley
Yen, you get to see the accentuated talent of modeling.
I thought that this picture would have been better if
she didn't purse her lips, and concentrated a gaze a little
bit more... Hmmmm...

Another shot. She's very photogenic, eh?
Okay, guys!
STOP! right clicking and saving image, okay?
It's UNethical.
I think I should disable the right click...
Or maybe I should leave it be.
Yen, you wanna be a celebrity?

Yen deep-searching herself.
Speak to me, wind.
*sings Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas*

The masterpiece of the day. Love this picture a lot.
(The holding the cloth was my idea!!! Dixon! Give la chance
for me to be proud of myself, okay? XD)

And ignore that patch of I-don't-know-what-on-earth-that-is
at the bottom right corner. I think it's Paul's shoulder. o.O

Yen on the phone.
(Why did we take this shot?)

Moving on...

We gave Yen the chance to re-enact the Titanic moment
without Jack.
When will you find your Jack, Yen?
*sings My Heart Will Go On*

You thinking what I'm thinking?
It looks a bit Bollywood-ish.
I don't know why.

Going through some pictures with Yen...

Moving on... We found another nice spot for another series of shots.
Dixon checking the place for his model's safety.
He ain't wanna have her falling into the sea.

"You sit here and look at the sun," says Dixon.
"But it's so dirty!" says Yen.
"No lah. It's actually quite clean."
"But what if..."
"Just make sure you don't fall inside the water, okay?" Dixon forewarns. "I ain't
gonna come saving you."
"*sings* Somebody saaaaaaave me!"

"But seriously wei, the water is uber deep!" Dixon exclaims.
"See! I told you!" Yen agrees.
"Don't worry. Just sit still and pose!"
"Dixon bully me! T.T"

Okay, perhaps the above conversations were a bit too
exaggerated and melodramatic. Oh, you know...
Jonathan Chu and exaggeration and melodramatic
always form a proper sentence. Try that in your
English class.

Dixon at work again.

It'd be very hilarious if the one falling into the sea
is Dixon and not Yen. Then I can foresee Yen laughing,
telling Dixon that she ain't gonna get wet just to save him.
Ha! What goes around comes around.

Dixon sings, "Somebody saaaaaaave me!"

And you will see Paul snapping the picture of the moment
and the Pig laughing with his oh-so-thunderous laughter.

One of the shots. If possible, I would like to do a few amendments.
Perhaps change the clothes and let her go barefooted.
Perhaps that might accentuate the emo-ness portrayed.
(Although this picture isn't very emotional)

Yen blushing. I think.

Dixon taking candid shots while...

Yen was unprepared.

This picture is not bad too, I think.

Melissa was walking about taking macro shots -
her favorite.

The last spot where the pictures were taken...
Paul and I were setting up the simple setup.

Yen preparing for the last session of photoshooting.
Can you see the words "Let's finish this. I want to go home"
written all over her face?

Exact representation.

Another interesting shot.
I think this is as good as the one with her
holding the cloth. Just different elements within the

After the entire tiring day,
Dixon decided to celebrate.
See that smile on his face? Haha.
Boy, all of us were glad that it was over too!

So, if we were to ask Yen if she'd be willing to do
the photoshoot again, or go under the sun again
just to get a few thousand shots, from which
only a few will be selected, this would be her reaction...


Certainly a fruitful day for Dixon. I am glad that I was a part of seeing his assignment through. First, One-Stop-For-Two e-commerce business proposal and now Photography. I think it's a great experience. Thanks for letting me tag along.

And macha, next time I'm counting on you to help me in assignments too, if I need any help, okay? =)


Su Yen said...

u put words in my mouth!!!!! haha. hahha but i like your captions tho they were not my exact words.. =) thanks for your help! =) we'll def help you when you need help with your assignment.. =)thanks for helping with this photoshoot too. and thanks for the update! shall link yours to mine. the next time i update my blog. sure got lots of funny moments during that PD trip! haha and u just had to end wit the HAA pic.. hehehee nola i dowan be a celebrity... =) like i mentioned e closest i'll choose to be is prolly a celebrity in my own way.. being ME.. hhaha way to go for 1042... no more jokes about one stop for two.. kekekekeke

Dixon Liu said...

Muahahaha!! Awesome update jon!! :) Haha!! Yen... the HA pic was super candid wei... Like really the HAH kinda face...:P Jon, you also helped for the trip, giving ideas and all. And if your photography time comes... we shall rebuild our ideas to help you. Same ideas, but better!! So we gona start one stop for two...? Since some "ahheemmm" dun wan to join!! Muahaha!! Haha!! jkjk:p

Kaun said...

awesome! =)

Zim Sen said...

You actually made it so damn funny. Darn I wish I was going to take photography, but I might have to leave that alone. Too expensive subject >.<

Oh well, I liked the pictures about the fart story though :D

I didn't save any pictures of yen yen for I fear I shall me burned alive if found. However I can view them at my pressure at your blog XD.


What happen to sasa the whole day? It's like she disappeared and reappeared at the end O_o Did you guys make tranquilize her and let her sleep till erm evening?

I shall refrain from talking anymore since I have to study >.<

Zim Sen said...

I don't suppose I could take both of them can I? Can I come if u all go another time? I want to learn tooooo........ and at least I get to see Paul's unknown shoulder XD

Jon Chu said...

Haha! Ya lah! Tell that to Paul, especially, since he's the one who came up with the lame joke! HAHA.

btw, just out of curiosity, when EXACTLY will you update your blog? Hmmm? Any ideas?

Haha. By saying 'rebuild our ideas' you mean going to Port Dickson again ah? Can we go to Tioman instead? Poor me hasn't been there before wor. I bet paul hasn't too. Sure Sasa and Yen has... those rich blessed people. T.T

But wei.think about our ideas. We can ask Yen to wear a victorian style dress. HAHA. To re-enact the Rose and Jack part. HAHAHA. Hmmm. mebbe we can make ice and throw her and a fake male mannequin and ask her to do the poor wet drenched face. XD

Oh. shit. Yen is going to kill me if she sees this.

We see how la. I am still thinking of the ideas I told you about. =)

Jon Chu said...

[Kee Aun]
Awesome too! Awesome three! XD

HAHA. Glad you liked it. XD

Nah, we were just too focused on the assignment that we forgotten to take other candid shots. That's all. =)

And sorry, auction's closed. No one can get Yen or Sasa. XD

Zim Sen said...

RAWR can I go to pulau Tioman with u all too?

I have never been there also. Everyone comes back with a sunburn though. I'm not one of them blessed rich people too XD

Jon Chu said...

Erm. I dunno.
I am not the one to decide. =)
I just tag along. Haha.

Su Yen said...

haha just read the comments.. i updated!! =)so tht question is already answered. and i'll prolly try the victorian dress if so u cld provide with one.. haha yes moussiour..

Lawrence said...

lolz.. jon jon.. okla.. i agree that Yen is photogenic and pretty.. u did it! :P

But of coz i din save her pic..lol

Jon Chu said...

HAHAHA. Use paper and make. That one I can provide! XD

LOL. What I did it? It's not like I'm her father lidat! Haiyo! XD

Sure onot? Sure you DID NOT save her picture? hmmmmmm?