- Sunday, July 13, 2008

When You Are Sinning

I have to admit that I know not what has gotten into me this semester. I should be studying for my dreaded Communication Research. I should be revising my notes. I should be diligent.

Instead, I find myself doing other things which are rather... pointless.

Not that I am confident in my studies; I just can't get anything into my head!

So, here's what I've been doing when I can't study.

1. Eating

You have no idea how many meals I am eating everyday! I suppose it's the stress kicking in. I have at least two breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners and two suppers daily. And what's worse, my wallet's getting dry! I can try to make myself full, but after one and a half hour later, I find myself hungry again.

Adding to the terrible situation, I am not growing fat!

2. Consuming coffee

I'm drinking a lot of coffee - as always, whenever there's an exam fever. I drink until an extent where people start telling me to stop drinking.

And if there's no coffee at home, I will gobble down two or three packets of 3-in-1 Nescafe just to make sure I can survive during the day and my study periods, ignoring the fact that I will be blur throughout the day, and very random, too.

3. Charmed

Watching Charmed whenever I get stuck in my studies. I suppose that's the way I tell myself to slow down and kick back and just watch Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs. And what shocked me is that I've watched until season 6!

4. Listening to emo songs

I don't know why. Try adding excessive coffee and tons of depressing notes to read and you will (somehow) get emo songs in the equation.

I find myself obsessed with Kelly Clarkson's "Sober", Evanescence's "Bring Me Back to Life" and "Hello", Christina Aguilera's "Hurt", Yiruma's "Kiss the Rain" and Hilary Duff's "Someone's Watching Over Me" (not that this song is very emo).

5. Looking at pictures in preparation for my Photography Subject

I realized that photography isn't just about the skill of handling the camera and getting the perfect shot. It is about having the concept of the pictures you want to take. It is about using photography to accentuate emotions. It is about telling a story.

And while helping Dixon do his photography assignment in PD, I came up with quite some ideas for photography. It is really interesting to look at how professional photographers achieve that.

Perhaps that's the reason why I love watching America's Next Top Model; their photography never fail to intrigue me and spark more ideas.

6. Reminiscing About Entangled, the Musical

I keep thinking of the things we could improve - especially when I can't sleep due to excessive caffeine.

Kee Aun and Ben Ong! I want the video recording of the event!

7. Thinking of Delicious

Need I say more? Delicious' pasta rocks!

And last but not least...

8. Keep Thinking of How Messed Up This Semester Is For Me

Doesn't the picture just tell you everything?

Notes, notes and notes. What adds to the frustration is my incapability in remembering the points and the constant urge to eat! Ah!

p/s: I have a feeling I might fail some subjects this semester. Gosh!


Zim Sen said...

I feel for you bro. Only for me, I spend too much time playing games to relieve the stress and also visit the local CC to play games...

Same boat man.. HAAHAHAHAH... All the best for com research tmw.

Got the blasted business computing >.<

Perhaps eh layback on some coffee? Try coke instead :P


Lynn said...

Don't stuff yourself with too much food. Too much caffeine is not good too. Take everything in moderation.

Just a friendly reminder. (",)

Happy Sunday!

jeannie said...

I always do pointless things during exams too! But my coursemates always don't believe me. They'll think I'm those type who studies non-stop. No point explain to them dy..lol!!

Suit Lin said...

Hm, Sounds like what I would do, that is why I study in the library and with friends to force myself away from distractions, in fact EVERYTHING is a distraction when one is supposed to study.

And Jon, Entangled is long over, at least for this chapter and for the amateur UM stage. If we are given a chance to re-stage it, it would be a totally and entirely different ball game, so for now, concentrate on the necessary.

Zim Sen said...

Awww I kinda wished that entangled will continue in some form of media.

But hey, at least com research is over ya?

Suit Lin said...

It might, or it might not. :) Depending on capacity and opportunity.

But many other things lives on when this does not. Thank you for your support.

Jon Chu said...

Coke? Nah. I don't really fancy soft drinks.

Vanilla latte rawks though. =)

Thanks! =)

Exactly! Haha. It's our own methods of destressing, right? =)

wouldn't you be more easily distracting when you're with friends? I mean, jokes and crappiness does exist. Need I remind you of that? Haha

Yeah. Entangled is over. But just as we said, since we are the ones who created them, they have somehow written themselves in our diaries.

Let's restage it. Haha. (though that means uber lack of sleep. >.<)

Zim Sen said...

Hey I don't mind helping out this time XD

And Marwan makes a damn good actor but I don't know his singing :P

jeannie said...

lol!! Right!!
And I miss Entangled too. lol!

Jon Chu said...


Thanks soooo much for your support! =)

Suit Lin said...

Well, I only tend to joke and crap with a select few, (un)fortunately, you used to be one whom I do so with. XD

You know why not write a sequel instead? Or put our heads together for another story? XD

jeannie said...

That's a great idea! I think people will be more interested in sequels.
Next year's block buster. XD

Jon Chu said...

Haha. Marwan's acting... can lar. for jokes and stuffs. =)

sequel? I don't know what else to add as a continuation of the story. haha. and rewriting a whole new darn script ain't simple. but it's for next year, better start now. so we can finalize the darn stewpig script early. haha.

but i'm definitely up to it lar. =)

block buster? hmmmmmmmm... hahaha... i dunno... block buster NOT as in action that type one ah! haha.. you aint wanna have Cassandra or anybody holding guns and go piao piao piao... a bit ... weird... haha.. i duno.. XD

jeannie said...

LOL!! I would rather have the 3 sisters holding guns (can't remember their names :P).. XD Love the 3 sisters.

Jon Chu said...

Either you make it like Final Fantasy or you make it like Phua Chu Kang. >.<


Think of the uber perasan lines we have to come up with wei!

Suit Lin said...

I think the hot sisters might not even know how to operate a gun. XD maybe they use it to cook soup.

jeannie said...

I'm having another mental image now...the hot sisters holding guns and knives to cook... wearing Matrix-like suit. XD

Jon Chu said...

Okay. Change ideas. No women with guns and hawt suits. XD

Entangled I was singing right? Let's do.... magician? XD

jeannie said...

lol!! okok...back to the topic.
If you dun wan to continue with Entangled, then u should start to think of a new plot now. Make it creative, wont u? I love creative stories. ^_^

Jon Chu said...

Hahaa... Who doesn't love creative stories, tell me? I do too! =)