- Sunday, August 17, 2008

Complain Saje

The only thing I can complain about Blogspot is the absence of a blog status tracker and visitor demographic tracker! At least have something like Wordpress la, in which you can view how many people came to your blog everyday instead of having to log in to Nuffnang just to your blog stats. >.<


Kean said...

damn blur man you... go google it la.. sure can find wan. xD

Suit Lin said...

this is weird, you stalk those who stalk you................... *plays x-file music*

ah^kam_koko' said...

This is why I love blogger!
It is simply focused on delievering the best blogging experience!
Therefore, it focuses on giving you the best tools to write better blogs!

Would tracking readers improve your writing what you want to write?
If so, maybe you can write in with a suggestion?

Anyway, I use the tracking service from shinystat.com
And I would definately RECOMMEND it.

jeannie said...

Hmm... Actually I think you can add a visitor counter in blogspot. Yes. It'll will show how many people have visited your blog.

j o l e n e said...

use a third party blog tracker la jon.. =) it can be shown and can be made invisible too. can email me if u wanna know more.