- Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dream to Live or Live to Dream?

This - is my friend, Phoebe Lee Mathius. She's one heck of a girl who not only speaks well, writes well, sings well, but is also one heck of a songwriter.

So while watching this video, I can't help but wonder: when will it be my turn.

Sometimes we desire great things, but does it mean we can achieve them?


Kean said...

the guitarist's.. are my church members! the one on the left is John who was supposed to record for us at first.. the one on the right is edrian. xD

ah^kam_koko' said...

I guess we wont know until we try, eh?

Zim Sen said...

My first impression...

Phoebe Kim started already??? Then I saw her full name. Hahahaha.

Well your turn will come. You got one cd already purchase here :D

Jon Chu said...

[kee aun]
serious? I didnt recognise them! =)


haha.. =)