- Monday, August 04, 2008

I Had A Holiday. Wow, Right?

Tonight marks the end of my short so-called holidays. Many things I have done, and finally understood the meaning of taking a break.

Well, the many crazy things I've done during this holiday were:
  • Teaching
    I absolutely love teaching, especially kids who come up to me, wave and say, "Teacher! Where have you been! I've missed you soooo much!" Speaking of this, I have two adorable students (who are twins, by the way), and we will always have this typical conversation:

    Twins: Teacher. (*stares at me for 3 seconds*)
    Jon: Yea?
    Twins: Are you coming to teach us tomorrow? (*stares again*)
    Jon: =.= (thinks: don't stare at me like that, can you?) Yeah...
    Twins: (*burst into loud screams*) YEAH!!!!!!


    Twins: Teacher. (*stares at me for 3 seconds*)
    Jon: Yea?
    Twins: Are you coming to teach us tomorrow? (*stares again*)
    Jon: =.= (thinks: don't stare at me like that, can you?) Nope.
    Twins: (*opens big sad eyes*) HAAAAAA? But teacher... We will miss you ohhh!!

    And these are kids that never fail to make my day, even if I am in a bad mood. When I step into the center, the first thing they do when they see me is waving their peace signs and flashing me that wide cute grins of theirs. Ah, totally adorable. And when I tell them that it's time to do English (since I teach them English), they will grab their English books and squeal and run alllll the way to my table, settle down and stare at me. Goodness, such cute kids.

  • Mourning over my next semester's time table.
    I have several classes that start at 9.00am! Which means I'd have to sleep early (which I am not prone to), get up at 6.30am, leave house latest by 7.15am, reach college and feel the silent suppression of college. Gah!

  • Went to Sushi-ing to celebrate Kay Jin's birthday
    Interesting food. Will bring my adik to makan there! =P

  • Went to Melaka with Dixon, Melissa, and Paul
    An awesome but tiring journey. Shall update soon with pictures.

  • Drank awesome Coffee Bean's Hot Vanilla with added Whit Whip Cream
    I have fallen in love with it, and I can't help but crave for it every moment. Oh, imagine eating it with J.Co. Bliss! I tell you! Bliss!

  • Gained and Lost 1kg

  • Went for Passion Concert.
    Am very inspired by the way they organize their things. I kinda love event managing, you see. And I never stop to scrutinize the way people handle events. Also, I love the way they arranged their music, especially those planned dynamic effects and pauses they did - they never fail to blow me away. At the end of the concert, I can't help but tell myself that I have to improve, no matter what. Entangled, the Musical was nothing, because the moment I think I succeed is the moment I stop myself from reaching success.

    Will update with pictures soon. =)

  • Watched movies like crazy
    The me who never fails to reprimand myself that watching movies on the laptop whenever I am free is wasting time seemed to ... I don't know ... disappear. I can't help but watch movies this holiday. I suppose it was the other me that took over, telling me that I should have a break. Watched movies: The Number 23, Juno, August Rush, Final Fantasy: The Spirit's Within, The Dark Knight and many more...

  • And many more...
And you know what, although this has been an awfully short holiday, I am ready to enter college and strike - once again, especially when I look at the hardcore subjects I have this coming semester...

I am done with my mourning and self-pity, telling myself how sad my life is with the subjects I am to handle. Since I've had a short holiday, I suppose it's time to rock on and have more adventures! =) My first year of diploma has officially come to an end, and the second year of more assignments and haunting will officially being tomorrow. God, help me.

And as a last shout-out, I crave Coffee Bean's Hot Vanilla.


PauLeonG said...

lets finish our 2nd year together man! =)

Jon Chu said...



Suit Lin said...

sigh your blogpost look like a list of assignments. XD see, makan places that comes with my recommendation are always worth a second visit . :) Lets do it in... uh... 6 mths time again. :P

Zim Sen said...

Well.... Jon's blog always give this idea of his list of things to do...

Oh dear... a new crave... gosh I just realized I'm gonna start my 3rd year soon...

Nehhh... wasted my passion ticket... grrrrr