- Monday, September 08, 2008

August in a Sum

August was just another hectic month when I had only a few hours of sleep each day, and what made things worse was the fact that not everything was going according to my liking (as they used to be).

So, oh well, here are a few pictures about some of the stuffs I did in August. =)

MIFC (Malaysia International Fireworks Competition)
held in Putrajaya

Went over to do my assignment. Pictures courtesy to Paul! =)
I remember that that day was really a hectic day (7.30am - 02.00am)
And I still couldn't finish my assignment! RAWR
You know... going to the place is one thing.
Writing it out is another. =)

It was quite an event, I must say.
Although it really disappointed me that
no music was played (thanks to the rain) T.T

And I wasn't in the adventurous mood to go
try out it felt like using such public toilet

Quite a number of people went too!
The sad thing is, too bad Dixon, Yen and Sasa couldn't come...


Singing in Pyramid with Yen and Phoebe.
Quite an experience.
And yes, the kids are real fun! Haha...
Okay. Don't get the wrong idea.
What I meant was, it was such fun having fun
with the kids and seeing how much they enjoyed themselves.

Too bad we didn't have time to snap pictures
of the kids. I mean, come on, we were working man!
Haha! =)


Went for Passion (it was in August rite?)
And met up with some ol' friends. Boy, it was awesome!

The thing about me is I like to look at how people
organize events and equipments at such event.
And I must tell you the sound system was expensive
and although there was a tad much boost on the bass
things are still quite fine! =)

Passion rawked. =)

I think that's about it. =)
Hope to update soon.
Gah~ I love being busy. But I wish a day had 48 hours, so I can accomplish more (though some people still think that at the end of the day, I will start wishing a day had 96 hours. Haha!)

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