- Saturday, September 13, 2008


Finally! The book I have been waiting for is going to be out really soon! 

Brisingr, the third book of the Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini, will be in your local bookstores on September 19. 

I suppose it will cause about RM 39++ and I can't wait to get my hands on it to finish this story. 

So, anybody wants to do the honor of getting Mr. Pig Take Egg this very much anticipated book? You will awarded with... a lunch. XD

[p/s: For those who have heard of the Trinity Trilogy by Fiona McIntosh and plan to purchase it, my advice to you: DON'T]


Zim Sen said...

Only a lunch???

Hahahah. It's like the trilogy of eragon right?

Yeah that movie sucked big time. I need to read the book. Boleh pinjam? XD

P/S I'll probably finish within a day XD

ah^kam_koko' said...

Looks like a fantasy book!
Though you are busy, you still have time to read?

Jon Chu said...

erm................... should be okay I guess... provided you take good care of the book! =)

have to squeeze in time, cuz reading does help in bettering my command of language. =) so it's not wasting time la, I think. =)

jeannie said...

Hi, Jon! tell me if it's nice, k? I've thought of buying the 1st book in the series before but due to financial problem, I didn't buy.
Hmm...But anyway,I have other books in mind so I might consider this trilogy later...lol!!

Jon Chu said...

Which book? You mean the first book of the Trinity Trilogy by Fiona McIntosh or the Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini? =)

Zim Sen said...

Ahhh hmmm.... pass it to me on thursday can?

Then by camp day, I will be done :P

Jon Chu said...

Remind me about it ya! =)
I need to search see if I've lent it to anyone or not. =)

jeannie said...

Christopher Paolini's trilogy.

Jon Chu said...

Oh, his first two books are captivating! Serious! Even one of my friends who is about 30 plus found it very entertaining and enjoyable.

So I think you should read it too. It's better than the movie anyway. =)

jeannie said...

I don't think the film is really that nice but usually film deviates a lot from the original story. Hmm...I'll put it in my list then. lol!

Jon Chu said...

Yeah. the film isn't that nice. Even the intimacy between Eragon and Saphira wasnt depicted well. So, yeah, the book is definitely 100 times better than the show. =)

Worth the time and money.