- Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Stare and Take In

One of the things I feel like doing now is just lie down on a field with a few who are closest to me and just stare into the sky together, in silence.

And then out of the silence, one of us would just break the silence and comment about how beautiful the sky is, following with a few random thoughts about life.

As time progresses, we would begin talking about how life has been treating us, and begin sharing - really sharing - how we've been coping with what life throws at our direction.

Such a moment, perhaps, might never come by me. Yet, I yearn for such a moment.


jeannie said...

I yearn for such a moment too. But I believe it will come one day..

Jon Chu said...

Yeah. It is those rare moments when one just lies down and enjoy the companies of both nature and friends. =)

ah^kam_koko' said...

When did man start forgeting about the wonders of God & began focusing on his own wonders which were, at the beginning, inspired by Him?

Crystal said...

wow. sounds surreal. now you make me want that too! sigh... haha