- Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are Malaysians Just Plain Dumb?

The majority of Malaysians are just incapable of understanding symbolisms and the meaning of art.

Startling, eh? 

Let me tell you why. They settle for mediocrity. They do not want to think big and out of the box. They do not genuinely try hard enough. Instead, all they care is about comfort and enjoyment. 

Students tell themselves, as long as I pass, I win. There's no need to try so hard for that meager A. What if I try so hard and I don't get what I want, and I fail instead? And what's more important is that, I have countlessly witnessed so many times parents tell their kids, "As long as you pass and tried your best, I'm happy." Little did those ignorant parents know that their kids are barely trying their best. 

And perhaps that is why when it comes to performances - technically, high art - they can't seem to comprehend even the slightest obvious hint about symbolism. 

And no wonder, too, why Malaysian advertisements that sell products just do not find themselves nominated for "Best Advertisements of the Year". 

Why not you tell me why Malaysians aren't able to produce such advertisements, will ya?

So, what do you think? You tell me? 


Kaun said...

a lot of companies that hire pros to make ads always settle for the more safe and easy way.

government censorship and old men at the CEO's seats prevent bursts of creativity.

However one should not forget there have been instances of good ads. Mind you good ads does not necessarily mean witty punchlines or 'read-between-the-line' messages.

Yasmin Ahmad's are award winning ads too. Though she is an exceptional.


Chu. Thank you for the support through your comment on the blog and through your thoughts and prayers.

The process of thought on this side has given birth to some ideas which has gotten the attention of
le critiques such as suit. =)

Pray for me brother.

and i miss oreo times too! T.T

Dixon Liu said...

Yeah yeah ahh ahhh!!! Haha!! A great reply for yes...!! LOL!!