- Monday, October 27, 2008

I Just Don't Get It!

When you work your arse off and give your bestest best, when you push yourself and tell yourself that mediocrity shouldn't be part of your work, when you constantly tell yourself to "think big" and "think out of the box", when you always reprimand yourself when you have the slightest thought of trying to just slack a little bit and take things slow, when you thrive for excellence, and when you do a good job...

People dismiss you and say you are:
  • Some darn f***ing proud fella who is trying to show off
  • Some fake modest person who is trying to "humbly" display his ability
I mean, what the heck? 

And when you really need help, some people just dismiss you and say:
  • Are you sure you need help? You are so brilliant what, I'm sure you can solve it by yourself!
  • Are you sure? You don't seem like a person who needs help!
  • Huh? Don't bluff me la, you know how to do it. You're just trying to be modest. 
  • What?! I am the one who should be asking you! Don't flatter me la. 
  • You don't bluff. You know how to do it. 
I mean, what the heck? 

I just don't get it. 

Honestly, I have never considered myself brilliant. I just push myself a lot to give the bestest best. And above all that, I am equally human, and there'll be times when I need help too. So, yeah, remember that when you respond, will you? 

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Crystabel said...

People may have different prespectives towards the definition of 'good' or 'do my best' but in my opinion, they are rightfully referred to as ignorant. There are too many people who act as if they have tried their best, causing those who really tried their best pale in comparison. All I can say is that we try and do our best, and hope that our efforts will be appreciated and acknowledged. the rest, let it go with the flow. cheers