- Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top 10 Favorite Blogs


Here are the top ten blogs I visit the most. 

[p/s: Please forgive my very, very broken English as I am very tired now.]

Life... What is It All About?
Author: Paul Leong

A megadustrous blog which I hope will be updated soon. Need I explain why I always enter this blog despite its dormance? 

Liquid Steps in Life
Author: Dixon Liu

A very good friend of mine. Current yam cha mate. XD
Reason why I always enter his blog is because it's fun to see what's he up to. And also since we often do assignments and crazy things together (which he will eventually post them up), it'll be fun to see how he post them up. =) 

Living in the Savior's Love
Author: Tan Kee Aun

Same personalities. Same characters. Same working styles. Same likes. What else do you want? 
Also my recording and lame-logy friend. Plus, his terrifically English which always makes me go WOW never fail to entertain me. Definitely a passionate person and a good person to work with. 

Reason why I read his blog: Inspiring. 

Angry Young Child
Author: June Lau

My mama's blog posts are uber funny la. And damn, her life uber happening. I believe those who have met her (Sasa, Dixon and Paul) will agree that she's a real fun person to be around; thanks to her personality. =) 

Author: Lee Suit Lin

I love her language. Uber good. That's how you got those powerful lines in Entangled, the Musical. She's the one with the Sword of Words. =) If you ever want to meet an elitist, she is one person you have to meet. 

Crazy Summer
Author: Audrey Hee

Old schoolmate. She's the one whom I contact the most, and well, it's also because I know many of her church mates. So, yeah... =)

Author: Yen Shing

This artsy girl who studies in The One Academy is definitely a great help whenever it comes to designing. She's a pro in Adobe programs, and definitely one with her own unique concepts of designing. =)

Crystal's Corner
Author: Crystal Cha

Her blog is filled with food. 
Get what I mean? =)

Author: Joanne Soo Liyeng

Aiyo. This girl's blog posts are good. Excellent English. Sometimes with hidden meanings. Like like like. =)

Author: Carissa Gan

Haha. Purplish blog. Interesting posts. =)

Yep. So this sums it all. =)


Kaun said...

i am honoured dear friend. And i might consider visiting you next week if that is all right. stay there for a day or two at dixon's place. =)

Jon Chu said...

OK!!!!! Come ah! Come ah!
Phoebe said she might pop over for a visit and catching up session too! =D

I will call Shaun! And Christin, maybe! =D

And perhaps, just perhaps, we can go catch High School Musical together! wahahahahaha!