- Saturday, October 04, 2008

Well Spent, I Must Say

This short holiday was well spent. 

I got to catch up with friends, had my fair share of time facebooking, and also - finally - time to sit down and relax and read. Also, not forgetting my Cameron Highlands trip with family and church friends. 

Long before the holidays I had told myself that I will - must - study no matter what. This resolve was quite steady until holidays hit, and I found myself, first sweating out, sulking over lack of sleep, and depressed over certain personal affairs during camps, which eventually led to my reclusive state (my altered ego) and love for contentment. 

I did not care to touch but look through the assignments that were piled onto my shoulders, telling myself, "I will finish them. Just not now. Not now." And until now, none of them have been done. Rare of me, I suppose. 

And yet, I still consider this holiday well spent. 

I think I am undergoing some life crisis (not midlife). I don't know what kind of crisis, you tell me. Perhaps my bipolar self decided that I enjoy some high's now. (Now, this is funny. Real funny.)

But anyway, I am all fired up for college. Though I do not find myself afraid of this remaining semester, I do find it... tiresome, with a pinch of bitterness. I have to admit, I concur with what Paul said...

kor, i dun like tis semester =(

mmmm.. i understand... me too... lots of head cracking assignments eh?



den all cramp together 1

See what I mean? But well, as always, I can't wait to finish up this semester. Righ now, I find myself always counting down to the month when I can finally pat myself at the shoulder and said, "Mr. Pig Take Egg, you've done well. You've got your freakin' diploma! And you're... let's see, 20!!! Ohhhhh my gaaaawd. You're OLD! Now go get your arse to finishing degree la." 


*shrugs* I'll be 20 (the synonym of 'old') next year. Gosh. 

Anyway, I did an amateur review on the three books I've read (Betrayal, Revenge and Destiny by Fiona McIntosh). I am moving on to read a memoir now. Woohoo! Kevin Lewis' The Kid Moves On is the book. Here's an introduction: 

Kevin Lewis wrote The Kid to exorcize the demons from a childhood of abuse and neglect at the hands of his parents, Gloria and Dennis. 

But while his story became an instant bestseller, it did not free him from the past. He began to revert to habits that had sustained him during the years of abuse. And while battling his own fears, Kevin was horrified to discover that Gloria was trying to get her hands on his nieces and nephews. 

The Kid Moves On tells how Kevin made the most difficult decision of his life - whether to confront Gloria and Dennis over their abuse - and how in making that decision he finally freed himself from the terrors of his past.

That is all for now. 

p/s: RAWR! Group mates not yet pass me their part of the assignment! Am I to do up for them? 
p/p/s: I want to go eat curry meeeeeee.... 
p/p/p/s: Those who have my books, I want them baaaaaack!!! RAWR! When can I have 'em back?!

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