- Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Definitely Won't Want to Miss This

After the heavy tons of exams, after all those unwanted stress, you definitely won't want to miss this: Our very first Year End Bash!

Performances. Food. All included in RM 55/=
What more can you ask for? =) 

Seats are limited, so if you haven't gotten yours, DO IT NOW!!! =)
It'll be a pleasure to have you around! 

I'm serious. Darn serious. =D

So what are you waiting for? =)
Inform En Ai, Joshua Anthony or Gerard and get your tickets booked! Woohoo! =)

click for larger view


Kaun said...

why the poster font got so many wan.. =.=''

Jon Chu said...

One is the real poster.
The other is an online banner. =)
But cuz I like both, I mai put two lor. =D