- Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just A Shoutout

Just as I am typing this post, sitted opposite me are two most hilarious and hellishly irritating people I've ever met - Paul and Dixon. 

I tell you; I can't stand them anymore. 

They are currently racing to see whose laptop take the shorter time to restart, while I am here, toiling hard -- with sweat, blood and tears -- doing my assignments and tutorials. 

You know what I feel like doing to them? Strangling them, pulling their hair out of their heads so hard until their eyeballs pop out of their places, feed their eyeballs to goldfishes, make hairwheat drinks out of their hair (just like how you make wheatgrass drink) break their teeth and plant them on the group, hoping that they will grow into plants, skin them alive and hang their hides outside to let tomorrow's sun dry them. 

Here I am, stressed like a pig, and they are happily racing - like kids! Somebody save me!