- Thursday, November 27, 2008

Now You Tell Me

I have to wonder why on earth would somebody come to my blog and search for such a thing when yours truly doesn't even write about those.

Somebody tell me. At least if somebody wanted to look for the Director of Step Up 2 Jon (something) Chu and so happened to land at my blog - that's okay la. 

But... PORN?! Or... JUITA? What on earth is that? Or who on earth is that?!



Lawrence said...

lolz.. maybe because u post something entitled, "my porn'..

They really know how to search nice stuffs on ur page.. lolz..

Jon Chu said...

EH~ that is ANOTHER thing ok? hahahaha! that MY PORN post is another thing.

p/s: blake lively aka serena van der woodsen is HAWT ok? XD