- Saturday, November 22, 2008

Randomness for an Update

#01 - Mom's insistence

Jon: So I was thinking of going to Swinburne to study. 

Mom: Oh.... 


Mom: So remember that when you go to Australia to study that you HAVE TO FIND A WIFE. Ok?

Jon: O.o

Mom: Only condition is she must be a Christian. Ok? 

Jon: So fast wife already ah?

Mom: YA LA! I want a daughter-in-law!

Jon: =.="""


#02 - Life is Unfair

Jon: Life is unfair.

Sister: Why? 

Jon: Everybody under this roof can grow fat! Even the hamsters are fat! *points at hamsters* and I'm the only one thin. =(

Sister: (merciless laughter) HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

Jon: =(


#03 - Drink Poison

Mom: Drink this *hands Jon a cup of weird drink in brownish green*

Jon: What's that?

Mom: It's good for you

Jon: No such drink called 'it's good for you' ok? *blek*

Mom: It's cactus.

Jon: OMG!!!! POISON!!!

Mom: No such thing called 'poison'. 

Jon: Who on earth drinks cactus! OMGOMGOMG.

Mom: Your dad drank 3 cups! I drank 3 cups!

Jon: What if I vomit blood and vomit everything? How?

Mom: No such thing! Your dad drank 3 cups and I drank 3 cups! And we're okay!

Jon: Who knows if your systems are slow? So you vomit later?



Mom: =.=

Jon: =.=

Mom: DRINK LAAAAAAAA.... no taste one!!!

Jon: Fine. *gulps* I DRANK POISON

Mom: =.='''''' *takes cup away*


#04 - Tell Me

Jon: Tell me something about you I don't know.

Friend: I'm stupid.

Jon: That's a fact.

Friend: =.=


Crystal said...


don't worry jon chu. i'm sure you CAN CONFIRM find wife one. :) seriously!

Jon Chu said...

But in Australia!
During studying time!
When I have not much money to even buy her roses?!
When I dont have enough money to give her romantic dinner and stuffs?!


jeannie said...

So you drank the cactus drink huh? LOL! At least you know what you're drinking. My dad gave me a cup of so-called "Daddy's Brew" when I was once sick (cough to be exact). I coughed too much that I couldn't sleep at all. I learned later that it's alcoholic drink. I confronted my dad and his reply is simply :"Well, at least you get to sleep and that's effective to me". =.='''