- Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trademark! Trademark!

I hereby declare that the term "Babifying Mangatut" is rightfully mine and trademarked. While those who use it will not be sued or charged, rightful attribution solely to Jonathan Chu aka Pig Take Egg is due. 

To help everybody understand the proper meaning of the ever-beautiful and ever-glorified term "babifying mangatut" coined by Jonathan Chu aka Pig Take Egg early this year, 2008, included in this post is a brief definition of the term. 

Babifying Mangatut. 
(read as: ba-bee-fai-ying manga-tut!)
Definition: Used in times of dissatisfaction, frustrated or anger to describe a nut case or an irritating speciment. Since this is a very, very foreign term, thus far, only associates of Jonathan Chu know of this term. 

E.g. That babifying mangatut has to learn how to not curse people as he likes, or else he'll find half of his arse ripped off and thrown at aligators for consumation. 

I hope this post has been very educational to everybody. This is, thus far, the first few words in Jonathan Chu aka Pig Take Egg dictionary. For more, wait. I'll sure coin out more words. 


Kaun said...

how dare you ignorant pompous brat! You dare take claim of the divine superb phrase! Gah!

Lawrence said...

lolz.. very original.. never heard of that before.. Create some more beautiful words la. :P

ah^kam_koko' said...

I'll probably copyright the word 'babifying'...
It's good enough...