- Sunday, November 23, 2008

War of the Toilet

Sister: Faster la! I want to pee.

Brother: No. I want to pee.

Sister: I want to pee first.

Brother: No. Me. 

Sister: I said first.

Brother: But still I pee faster. 

Sister: No. I pee also very fast. 

Brother: You must know the way I pee and the way you pee. So I pee faster. 

Sister: No. I still pee faster. 

Jonathan: =.=""" Both also no need to pee. I want to take a bath. 

Jonathan shoos them out of the bathroom. XD

Always the elder brother wins. WOOHOO! =D


ah^kam_koko' said...

Then, they take turns to pee on your bed.

Jon Chu said...

I will scare the pee out of them if they do that! Haha!

joshualim87 said...

Oh my gosh!! Your family damn funny wei!

jeannie said...

LOL! That's a cute fight!!

Jon Chu said...

HAHAHA! *beams* of course! XD

ever had such a fight in your family? haha.

jeannie said...

Lots of times!! Well, that's because I have a weird family too! Seems like everyone's crazy among my family members. I always told them so. XD

Jon Chu said...

Oh? What stuffs your family does? XD
Tell me. I'd like to know! =)