- Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday, Holiday, Why Art Thou Short?

I know. I know. You need not remind me. I am a very, very, extremely and horrendously melancholic person. 

My holidays officially started on Christmas day. That, my pal, is way too sad. 

While others are enjoying their holidays right after the Year End Bash, I was stuck with work, which was both bitter and sweet, considering the joy of teaching cute kids who ask irritating questions repeatedly; preparing for next year's Student Council and drafting out plans hoping that, if implemented, these plans would benefit the Student Council and most importantly, the students; drafting out deadlines and brainstorming for ideas for the next issue for Hailer, which can be tiresome since I do not think I am brilliant in bringing out my ideas; planning with my church youth committee for next year's plans; learning how to do some videos; brainstorming for ideas for the next semester, particularly Desktop Publishing (until the point that I asked so many questions about the subject the Paul had to plead me to stop worrying; which I don't think I am - depending on how you view it); finished reading The Kid Moves On by Kevin Lewis; and many more. 

Just as the holiday mood is sinking in, college calls forth attendances and meetings - once again. I barely managed to celebrate my time of singleness and solemn lonely Christmas and New Year, I have to bear the burden of facing 2009 both because of my growing oldness (ahem, I mean, maturity) and loads of burdens I foresee me taking. 

It is just like before having the chance to savor your entree, the waiter or waitress shoves dessert into your mouth and ask you to leave the soothing environment you are peacefully enjoying. How ruder can it be?

But oh well, count your blessings - that's what they say. 

I managed to go to 1-Utama for the third time in my entire life and eat TGIF there! Okay. Shut up, folks. I know. My life is sad and I am perhaps the most melancholic person you have ever met on your tremendously saddening life. But hey, poor me seldom grace my presence in such a congested beehive filled with creatures you call homo sapiens, okay? And, if you stay in Puchong and you pay for everything yourself, you'd know that going to 1-U is extremely expensive! Count kilometers. Count tolls. Count parking. Count... well, paying. 

I managed to watch more than 3 movies during the holidays and now I am facing the melody of lesser funds for the next month. I pray Chinese New Year ushers in more prosperity both in monetary and physical forms - if you know what I mean. 

I managed to eat cupcakes! How heavenly. Thanks to Crystal. See, I blogged about it again! Can you believe it? 

I managed to download more than 20 movies, finish watching Heroes, finish watching Queer As Folk, finish watching Gossip Girl, finish watching Criminal Minds, finish watching America's Next Top Model... and many more movies. AND, I managed to download more than 5 albums! Currently, the song stuck in my head is Pussycat Doll's "I Hate This Part Right Here". I am so going to change the lyrics to tease people in college and church and particularly Jun Min, if I get to see him. His "shut up Jon!" will be met with ferocity and mercilessness. Rawr~

I managed to meet up with Audrey. I managed to meet up with Paul. I managed to meet up with my buddies (except infidel Phoebe Kim who FFK-ed us last minute) and chat a whole lot of both sincere, heart-to-heart talks and nonsense all combined into one, and what's cooler is, we broke the tradition of just 'cheers!' Instead, we took the time to toast to something for everybody, and wish them better in something for 2009 (Yen, I shall uphold the virtue of patience and await the moment you grace and nudge my MSN to send me the pictures). I managed to spend time with my church members and get to humiliate Christin in Sunway Pyramid. I managed to receive - finally - a reply from the Kay Ghost Jin, which was a tear-explosing experience. 

However, I have not managed to do the below:
  • Play badminton. I yearn to play it with my siblings! Haih. But dad thinks RM 25/- for a court for an hour is too expensive. We can't find anywhere cheaper! 
  • Watch every movie I am downloading. But I think this will always be the case as I download faster than I watch. 
  • Grow fat. Words - needless. 
  • Practice piano. 
  • Write songs. 
  • Purchase more magazines and do my research and look at their layout.
  • Spend less.
  • Etc. 
Well, this practically sums up my poor holidays which is going to end this Friday as work starts on Saturday, and the cycle continues - all over again - through 2009. Not that I am complaining, I just hope time pauses and let me enjoy more holidays before the year starts. I need more time for rejuvenation and tension-release! 


ah^kam_koko' said...

Chinese New Year coming soon...
Dont worry!

Crystal said...

Crystal says:
eh btw u forgot something in ur list of things u didnt do (im reading ur blog btw)

jon chu says:
OH? wat?

- Crystal says:

jon chu says:

jon chu says:
i didnt even think of tat!

jon chu says:

- Crystal says: