- Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just A Thought

In an hour, I will be sitting for my final paper for the semester and I will be a free man - for the moment, at least until the next semester starts. Come to think of it, I can't wait to start the next semester, which is when I get to learn basic InDesign. 

I've never considered myself a genius - or somewhere close to being a genius. Similarly, I won't consider myself a man with tons of creative ideas when it comes to designing. But, what the heck, everyone has to start somewhere. So, perhaps my start of that somewhere is starting from having zero ideas to... say, two? 

Haha! Well, I guess I do sound as if I'm rambling (I think I am, to the very least) - thanks to lack of sleep. I have been told to cherish such moments of having the luxury to just laze, watch series after series, chill, and sleep late because once I hit a certain age (which would be very soon), I would have to begin my quest in sleeping early. Gosh~ Imagine the night life I would miss!

This semester hasn't been as stressful for me as the previous - I suppose  it's I somehow managed to pull everything together although I always seem to think that I am horrendously disorganized. Ah, chuck that thought aside for a while. 

This semester has also been a tremendous period of learning from others in terms of working attitude, working style, and many more. I have been reminded - again and again - that the moment I think I know something is the moment I stop learning, because within each situation is an opportunity to learn something. 

So yeah, holidays is coming. Can't wait. 

After this upcoming Year End Bash, my responsibility for this year as Student Council President would be done. Though intending to transform the entire college's mindsets is somewhat far-fetched, but well, I sometimes do wonder if I have been able to influence those whom I work with - after all, that is what both a friend and partner should always do. 

Ah, cutting the mode of reflections, I shall get back to some minor revision although two cups of hot coffee ain't doing a good job in keeping me awake now, especially since I have my last paper waiting for me to attempt to score it. (Haha!) 

I shall blog again. 

Tata for now. =)


ah^kam_koko' said...

Hey bro,
Dont worry about your lack of creativity...
Learn from the Japanese who adapted Western designs...
Once they get a good feel of the industry, they started to produce their own designs...
Perhaps you can do the same~~

All the best in the last paper!

Gene Lih said...

hey man! thanks for ur comments on my blog. it never fails to inspire me. And gosh, it's awesome to see that you're always learning.

I read an interview with Donald Trump just the other day, he says he thinks big. This means he thinks comprehensively, like, he'll break everything into small steps, and keep on asking what's next, what's next.

That has been really encouraging for me. I guess it'll be very encouraging for you too. It's like making breakthroughs more digestible and achievable!