- Saturday, December 20, 2008


I started the holidays with nothing to do, except attending a few meetings and working, of course. 

After a week, I find myself piled with tons of things to do! For some, I volunteered doing because I know that I could learn something out of doing them; for some, responsibilities; for some, I plunged my head into saying 'yes, I will do' without even thinking! 


I think I will never understand the meaning of 'break'. 

And oh, for the sake of randomness, I didn't quite like Transporter 3. Giving it 4/10. 
Lousy story. Predictable lines. Fair camera angles and editing. Fair acting.
Didn't like the kissing scene/stripping scene in the middle of the show. Cliche. 
Spoilt the entire storyline. If only they kept to hardcore action, then it may have been better.
But oh well, to please the popularity. You get the drift? 
I miss good movies. Good movies that have a point. Good movies with awesome lines. Good movies that just blow your senses away. Good movies that is artistic/simple/complex. 
Oh well, what an elitist I am. Pft. 
Not that I am very professional in any way, but oh well. You get the drift.
Let's see if The Day The World Stood Still would be better. 


ah^kam_koko' said...

It was a movie with all the ingredients for a good action movie but really bad mixing & blending!

p/s: Get yourself a day off!

Jon Chu said...

Hmmm.. I don't know. I didn't really like the storyline and the lines of the characters either. Partly it's because they're cheesy and some corny. But well, it's one person talking. So you know... it doesn't mean much. =)

p/s: I'm trying to! haha

Crystal said...

Transporter 3 is a FREAKING AUDI AD, for the following reasons:

1) the guy can't live without his car and always talks about his Audi and all his stunts involve his Audi
2) when his Audi is driven into a lake, he manages to inflate four bags with air from the four tires, float the entire car to the top, just so happen to find a guy to tow his car out of the water, and (NOT THIS IS NOT EVEN SHOWN) find someone to fill his tires back with air. all this in 10 minutes or so. and the miracle of Audi? the engine will still start right away, baby!
3) all stripping scenes involve the car in the background. what does it denote? the Audi is a sexy car.

the funny thing is a sedan car's engine doesn't even sound like what it did in the movie - a sports car. but i guess AUDI's are different huh? =P

i think my dream car is now an Audi. lol. read the dripping sarcasm between the words. haha.

Crystal said...

and yes. the characters are annoying. i hate the girl. i hate the guy for being such an emotional wimp. i hate the extremely fake fighting scenes where he repeatedly takes on 10 men at one go and escapes without a single bruise or scratch or blood? fake blood too expensive nowadays? lol.

and btw Jon don't watch Stepbrothers either. it's also extremely fake. but it's worse. it has very very fake "sex scenes" with ugly people. omg.

the things people call entertainment these days. THIS IS WHY I GO TO THE CINEMAS LIKE 3 TIMES IN A WHOLE YEAR! sigh... i am such the elitist too. i prefer movies that don't come out in Malaysian cinemas. the movies that do are a waste of two useful hours.

Jon Chu said...

true. true.
but well, the populist - shallow-minded people - like such movies. what can producers do? they want money, they have to please the crowd. so there comes shallow-minded entertainment. pft.

we call forth better movies!!! hahaa. my friends who liked it found it weird for my distaste, especially when i said i didnt like the kissing/sex scene. "come on, you're a GUY. you're SUPPOSED to like every sex scene."


thing is, i can literally see the word 'to please the audience' in every part of that scene! it's so against the flow of the story. HAIH. poor character planning.

i always dont understand. why cant people appreciate more sophisticated stuffs? why must they go for the obvious! i mean, bringing it closer, why cant people understand sarcasm?

lack of education?

haih. oh well.