- Saturday, December 13, 2008
The Year End Bash has ended. 

For 2008, I will be free from my responsibilities as Student Council president. The remaining days of December will be spent by being alone and watching series after series (if possible), occasionally meeting up with friends for a chat, and just lazing around, which I will eventually end up doing something I deem productive. 

And perhaps it is because of my workaholism, I end up getting comments like, "Oh my goodness, Jon! You look so tired!" or "Goodness, Jon! You look so... layu" or "Goodness, Jon! You look like a desert or drought..."from people who seldom see me. At times I do wish I could be like some people who could just chill and spend their whole day watching series after series, worrying about nothing, or just chilling out with friends almost all the time and not think about responsibilities and so forth. I wish. And honestly, sometimes, I do try to do so - watch series, play computer/PS 2 games, chill out with friends - but after some time, I will have this automatic alarm that starts shouting in my head, "You have a lot more things waiting to be done, why can't you just be disciplined enough to finish work first?" 

The irony is, after finishing my to-do list, I find myself looking for other things to do, things that I deem productive! So, at the end the day, I don't get any entertainment but am filled with the feeling of dissatisfaction because of the number of extra things I could've done, or regrets that I could've done something(s) better! 

I think I need to see a psychologist to get rid of this problem. 

I once complained that I wish I had 48 hours a day, and guess what my friend replied: If you had 48 hours a day, you the workaholic will find so many things to do until 48 hours isn't enough. So you will end up complaining, I need 72 hours a day, and the cycle continues. 

Ah~ My life is so screwed! Haha!

The Year End Bash has ended. I can stop worrying about another thing. Finally, the Student Council is able to give students their first Life College prom-like party. Although we are small, it doesn't mean that we cannot do things. Although we are small, and although that means a lot of restrictions, it doesn't mean that we cannot use our restrictions to our advantage and give a blast. Although we are small, it doesn't mean that we are filled with losers and incapable people. Although we are small, it definitely doesn't mean that we can't have our own Year End Bash! 

After much planning and headaches, and nights without much sleep due to planning for the event, I have to say that as long as the students had their fun time, I am satisfied as the president. And without the council members' help, a lot of things couldn't have happened. 

And I thank them. With my whole heart. 

This event made me realize that a leader - or president - is just a title (echoing what Su Yen said in her Acceptance Speech), a title without meaning when nobody is there to back him or her up, to cooperate and make things realize and come to reality. 

Years ago, such an event wasn't possible in Life College. This year, 2008, it was made possible.

Years ago, nobody would have imagined that Life College could produce students who could produce more than 2 videos for one event, and here we are, with brilliantly talented people who produced MORE than 2 videos! 

This event also helped me realize that though some have flaws in their working style and attitude (and I do have them too), and though some work differently from the way I work, it is indeed possible (note the redundance) to get every person with different personality and working style and flaws to come together to make something possible - and successful. 

This event helped me understand that leading is not just about planning, but also asking others for their opinions and listening them out. It is also about evaluating their opinions, telling them whether their opinions work or not and explaining to them why their opinions can't work. It is about listening to their concerns and taking them seriously. It is about letting some people do some jobs for you because you are not a machine that can do everything (talk about OCD). It is about learning how to say 'no'. It is about learning how to bring the best out of everybody. It is about being able to smile and say, "Doooooood. Good job." or "Not bad, although there were some hiccups. I believe there's much more you can improve in." 

This event helped me see different people differently. 

This event helped me understand Life College students better. 

This event helped me understand that it is not easy to plan such an event although it is a very simple event. Imagine if I had to plan something bigger. 

This event helped me understand that I am so limited and far away from even being okay because there are so many things I had overlooked, which I should have seen and spotted them right from the very beginning. 

This event helped me understand that I have a lot, a lot, a lot more to learn and it's time to buck up and not laze around. 

This event helped me understand that I do not have the time to be proud, but I have plenty of time to be humble. 

This event helped me understand that sometimes it is not just the event that counts; it is the effort in planning together - as a team - and motivating them to work and give their best. 

This event helped me see things from different perspectives. 

This event helped me understand another aspect called 'social' and 'relax' in an event. 

I think I can say a lot more. All in all, it was a good experience. If ever there were a chance to do planning again, I may jump right into it. Haha! 

But anyways, I suppose I have to get to bed. It is already ungodly 3 am, and I have had only about 4 hours of sleep and more than 15 hours of continuous work. So, yeah, it's time to get some rest! =)

For those who came for the Year End Bash, thank you for supporting this event. Without you, I think this event would not have been possible. If you have any feedback or concerns, please do not hesitate to mail me or talk to me personally. I would LOVE to hear your comments - be they positive or negative. I will definitely want you to speak out. (Don't worry. I won't eat you. XD)

For those who did not come, don't worry (although you missed quite a lot). I am sure there will be a next time, eh? =) 

Okay. Sayonara! =)

p/s: My car's tyre was punctured on the day itself. Thanks to my baby brother, Paul, who helped me change the tyre when I was very tired. 

p/p/s: I almost fainted after the entire event. Severely lack of sleep. Darn the tiredness and  insomnia! 

p/p/p/s: My braces cut my tongue because of dehydration. Didn't have much time to drink water before, during, and after the event. 

p/p/p/p/s: I heart the Year End Bash intro video. No lags, all straightforward, nice music. (You seldom hear me say I heart a movie or a video, ok? XD I normally say... Okay la - which is not very impressive in my terms, and could've done better.) 

p/p/p/p/p/s: I want to go PIKOM PC fair. But I guess I've spent so much for the Bash and for my siblings' Christmas presents that I can't get anything for myself. Hmmm.. Never mind la! =)

p/p/p/p/p/p/s: I miss performing on a grand piano. 

p/p/p/p/p/p/p/s: I want to learn more stuffs! I want to master them! I want to be good in whatever I am doing!

p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/s: I need sleep. Ciao.


Crystal said...

aiyoooooo jon!! please please please get tons and tons of sleep!!! you need it! and drink lots of water too!!! and take at least a half a month break and enjoy the hols la =) work will still be around for you to do in 2009 =) you can start with sunway on monday!!! =)

please please take care of yourself k jon??

ah^kam_koko' said...

Well done with the event!
I'm sure it touched a lot of lives!

Ju Ann said...

School Prom! I'm sure many who attend will look back to this day for many more years to come!

:) I've always wanted the opportunity (and pain) of organising an event such as this! Lucky you jon!

Jon Chu said...

Definitely! I must LEARN how to take a break. I seriously suck at doing it. Haha.

Well, I dunno. Let's hope so eh? =)

[Ju Ann]
Haha! =D
Let's hope for that too!
And thanks for dropping by at my blog! appreciate it tons! =D

DO come back more often ya! =D

Jon Chu said...
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