- Saturday, January 17, 2009

Preachers Leave

I suppose I am like many youths (not teenagers anymore) out there who do not like to be preached at. I find it extremely irritating whenever they start such preaching because firstly, most of them are not mature enough to set an example; secondly, their inability to convince me that their preaching is what I should listen never fails to draw scowls on my face; thirdly, most of them have terrible manners of conveying their preaching - either they have bad grammar or cliche lines; fourthly, they sound as if they know it all, but the truth is, their knowledge is even lesser than a drop in the ocean.

I know. Many may argue that I should be at least somewhat more open to preachings, because who knows I may learn something new. But this is what I think: If I were to be able to appreciate someone else's preaching, it will be because the person walks the talk, has concrete reasons to why I should listen and do as told, have at least a good command of linguistic skills to convey proper thought-after points and not stumble with fillers like ah's and err's along the way, and most importantly, do not act like they know it all.

Call me stubborn.

Pointblank preachers should evaluate themselves before giving the talk. If they love to talk so much about looking at life with optimism, they should apply it themselves and not sulk over what life throws at them. If they love to talk so much about evaluating choices and make proper decisions, they should apply it and so to it that no wrong choices are made. If they love to talk see much about life and living it to the fullest, they should try doing it themselves when life never fails to throw bricks and javelins at them, and let's see how mature they actually are.

So until preachers can do that, why not just leave and go do some practices? After all, practice makes perfect, eh?


Crystal said...

haha... you echo the true sentiments of many born and bred church kids. =) including yours truly. i suppose since we've been around the environment for so long we become numb to the emotional appeals and hype that charismatics are often famous - or infamous - for.

but i guess what always helps keep me from teetering on the brink of complete cynicism towards church is knowing that the church is filled with imperfect people and that Jesus came to save the sinners. if we were so perfect and un-hypocritical, we wouldn't need him anyway.

but that said, i DO wholeheartedly agree that in this time and age, in the postmodern era and 21st century, with so much competing media out there, it's about time the church started becoming more relevant in its messages and more practical and efficient in its methods of communication.

ah^kam_koko' said...

Well... I just had a dose of something like that about a week ago...

Some guys I didnt feel confortable with was scrutinising my Christian walk & were quite uncouth at it.

But I know that they do it because they care for me & they feel that it is important for my development as a child of God.

I give them credit for that & I thank them for caring enough to lose face by preaching to me.
But I would prefer if they were more gentle than being like auditers.

Anonymous said...

Walk your talk...yes, I agree with you. My kids always remind me of that cause they are more caught than taught.

However, we are all humans and we need to do what we need to do. Preachers need to preach, so let them preach. Get the meassage and put into actions if it applies to you. Afterall, we are to `face' and report to God himself and NOT the preachers, right?

Just do what please HIM and let others do their jobs. I, too at times get upset and frustrated with such people who preach, preach and preach, so I truly understand how you feel. My famous tagline, don't tell me God loves BUT show me how you love the unlovable and I will be convinced of God's love! Don't you agree with me?