- Saturday, January 03, 2009

They Matter Too

Many often we hear people saying, "What people think is not important." But the truth is, what others think of us do matter.

Tell me how do you get promoted in a job? Isn't that what the boss thinks of you - that he/she thinks you are a suitable candidate to take over that particular empty position?

Tell me how did you end up getting a scholarship or a job? Doesn't that depend on what they think - perceive - of you when you had your interview?

Tell me how did you end up getting a reward or gift from your parents when you didn't think you would get? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps they thought that you deserved the gift?

So, what's your verdict? Still "other's perception of you don't matter," or "what people view me matters", but how I view myself is more important?


ah^kam_koko' said...

Well, I guess what ppl mean when they say that line is "how ppl view me does not matter & should never influence how I view myself & carry myself."

Crystabel said...

well maybe we can put it this way. what we think of ourselves is FAR MORE important that what people think of us. This way, we are not depending on what people think of us 100%. yeah, what people think of us is pretty much important. agreed. hands up