- Friday, January 16, 2009

Your One and Only Alpha Male

Category: Inside Joke

Meet Hajok. He's your average 18-year old homophobic guy with an extremely fascinating imaginative mind and a constant desire and hunger for girls. Only talks with girls he deems hot and pretty, he walks around college, oftentimes mourning about his singleness. Yet, the irony is, a lot of girls rave over him. Call him the Life College Most Desired Bachelor.

Perhaps it's just his way of saying he wants more female attention. Or... a way of covering his ego and pride of having female eyes glued on him and gossips about his looks and body (well, you won't want to know what they talk about) as he walks past the passageway.

They say he is one of the guys with the best height and body figure in Life College -- so they say, but let's just say you wouldn't want to see him with his shirt off, as compared to -- say, Zac Efron.

Calling himself a true man, our dear Hajok always appears in class tired. God knows what he does the previous nights. And I suppose we won't really want to know what actually happens.

And because of the stated reasons, he is just the perfect person to poke fun at. Come on, conventional attitudes towards the hottest, most eligible and desired man should be: don't mess with the dude. But I tell you the truth, nothing but the truth: such people are the best ones to poke fun at, because it's either their balloon-like ego goes before them or they are just of good looks and nothing else.

So, let's just say for this case, it'll be more of the latter (although he does have brains - to a certain extent, if you get what I mean).

As promised, your truly is taking the time and effort to write an account of what actually happened in the ever-so-dreaded Bahasa Melayu class: making sentences and find a burst of laughter.

The trick? Write about the most desired dude because he isn't around, and then post for the whole world to see.

Let's just see what goes before him - attitude or ego.

  1. Asli: Hajok hanya memakai seluar dalam yang diperbuat daripada kapas asli.

  2. Cabut: Hajok selalu cabut apabila terserempak dengan Crystal. (Actually the converse is true. Read on to see why.)

  3. Dalam: Hajok suka perempuannya memakai seluar dalam yang diperbuat daripada sutera. (Seriously, girls, this is a good way to start a conversation with him.)

  4. Dedah: Hajok suka mendedahkan seluar dalamnya apabila dia berdekat dengan perempuan.

  5. Hisap: Hajok suka menghisap dadah.

Why is the sentence Hajok selalu cabut apabila terserempak dengan Crystal erroneous? Because... He loves her to bits to actually take more than one picture during the Year End Bash. Seriously, he BEGGED her for more.

Finally, our Bachelor is desperate enough to beg from one of the hottest girl in college. If you don't call that desperate, I don't what it should be.

"Hehe, finally got hold of her."

"Smile. This is a sign. It's a second chance. Divine
opportunity. Divine intervention! Okay... Hajok...
Just smile. Don't appear to be nervous.
I know she's hawt, and there's smoke about.
But be a man, do the right thing."

"Oh my gawd. This is heaven on earth.
A third shot. And uhhh..
she's almost leaning on my chest.
Her arm is touching mine!
*sings* So close, I believe. You're holding me now
in your hands, I belong, you'll never let me go.
This is way beyond heaven. What do you call it?
The galaxy?"

Believe me. There were girls who were jealous. Don't believe? Check this out.


There you go.


crys said...

hahahaha.... omg. i feel like a freak sitting here alone in the library on the computer laughing out loud reading this post. only you could make it so hilarious jon!! =P but poor hajok... you bang him until so kau kau already nobody else need bang him already la! and where did u get those pictures?? i'm stealing from your blog! =P and btw a post about another famous person in college is coming up soon on MY blog. hont: his name starts with a 'J' too, and i've promised him that blogspot titled all about "******** *** *** *****" =P lol. like seriously.

crys said...

*hint i mean =P

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