- Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Think I'm Growing Old

Real quick.

You see, I had this sudden urge to listen to the old songs by Westlife and 5566, S.H.E. and Jay Chow, and boy, they so remind me of my yesteryear childhood and teenage when I used to drool over the cina babes and the voices of the guys.

While it's horrendously pleasing to my ears, I found it kinda sad too because this proves that I'm growing old and I'm in love with yesterday's songs! Gosh.

(Am listening to "You Light Up My Life" by Westlife now)

And before I end this uber random post, I got to sing a solo in church last Sunday! Awesome. If you know the super old Don Moen song, "Your Steadfast Love". Ah, it was a blast. Since a long time since I can sing well and hit a high F without struggling. Thanks to more than 9 hours of sleep (finally!).

I've not given up my dream of performing in front of thousands at a grand piano, singing my lungs out. I believe the day will come, and that day, it will be the best day, hopefully my last on earth too, so that I can say bye to life on earth and enter heaven's gates with pride.

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Crystabel said...

you'll be able to do it! :))