- Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just Enough

I get very irritated when people tell me, "Just do enough."

I get even more irritated when my students tell me that it's enough to just do enough, because that is what is required. They do not at least tell themselves to give their best in finishing the just-enough portion, they also care less about excelling in whatever they are doing.

And this makes me sick. Very sick. And very sad too.

Be the person a friend or a student, such an attitude makes me shake my head.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying, implying or hinting anything pridefully or subliminally. I am just merely stating that the very attitude of not truly giving one's best just puts me off. And this is perhaps why many people are just average people.

I have met people who complain to me about their inability in scoring or doing things well, but the first few questions that come to mind are: "Did you truly give in your all?", "Do you think this is an excellent job?", "Do you believe in excellence?" and "Are you going to settle for second best?"

Did you truly give your all
Ask any person and he or she will nod his or her head and say "yes" without another thought. To them, saying "I truly gave my all" equals "this is what I can do and I will not try to improve myself."

If a person truly gave his all, he would have tried many ways to do the given task. He would have started early. He would have not procrastinated. He would have worked on something to the point there is no way he could improve or better the given task anymore.

But if the person just try once or twice and give up, and say, "I truly gave my all," isn't that just plain hypocrisy and self-cheat?

What's worse is when they compare themselves to others and say, "Eh! That person is not even doing what I am doing." Of course! That person is not as sub-standard as you! I think that the moment a person compares himself to another when all he can present is a mediocre work, he is indirectly telling the world, "Hey! Come rejoice with me. I do sub-standard work and it's freaking awesome."

See why I can't stand such people?

Do you think this is an excellence job?
For a person who has no ability to design using photoshop, designing a simple, clean wallpaper with no brushes and minimum pictures and words would be a success the first time, but not the second time.

Many, after finishing their jobs, do not sit back and look at their work before submission and ask themselves this very important question. They just hand it up. And when the results come back with a negative remark, oh, there they go, stomping their feet on the ground as the chinese opera plays in the background, swearing and complaining as if the whole world is supposed to stop to listen to them or please them or try to put a smile on their faces. Such immaturity.

I say start your work early so that you can have time to look at it and criticize your own work, because for a normal person, you are your best critique. I say stop complaining about others and start talking about yourself.

Students complain about their lecturers being unreasonable when they themselves are parading the death dance, in hope that their lecturers would nod in agreement and sing along as they drink and be merry to their own graves. No. I have met more than enough lecturers who are concerned about their students, and who challenge their students to do a good job, but how many students out there are willing to tune in to their lecturers' frequency and not insist their lecturers tune in to theirs?

Let me tell you the truth: Very few.

The normal Malaysian student you get out there is easy going, unmotivated, procrastinates and immature in the sense that they want others to do what they say. The truth is, when you are in the outside world, there is no you, but the boss. The very religious about the working world goes like this:

"Rule No. 1: The boss is always right. When the boss is wrong, refer to rule no.1."
And many students go by: Rule No.1: I am always right. When I am wrong, Oh wait. I am still right! Haha!

No wonder the economy of Malaysia isn't improving at all. Hmmm.. What irony. Here we see people complaining about the economy of Malaysia that it is not good and not improving, and then there we see a beautiful stage play of laziness and secondhand, mediocre work. Ah, that must be the highlight of the entire saga.

Do you believe in excellence?
Why not let me answer this for almost everybody?

YEEEEES! We do! Excellence in giving me whatever I need. But wait. What you need from me? Nah... It's a oh-kay. You don't really need me to implement that e-word do you? Haha.

Now, tell me such an attitude isn't true.

Are you going to settle for second best?
Sadly, yes.

That would be the truthful reply for almost everybody.

Sigh. I pity many lecturers out there who know their work and want to impart knowledge, but who also so happen to teach students who do not strive for the best they can offer but settle for second best.

I have never blamed my students when they are slow learners, but I scold them when they don't try hard enough to get their answers or give their best.

That's what saddens me and makes me tick.

After reading this post once, it might seem that I am speaking this out of pride. But the truth is, I'm not. However, your conclusion and judgment about my saying "I'm not saying this with pride" is subjected to your own views. I won't attempt to change what you think of what I write and what I am trying to convey, or who I am talking about. Think whatever you want. =)



ah^kam_koko' said...

Actually, I pondered about this once.

I think that every person has a balance.
They may not want to excel in what you want them to. Thus, the mediocre work.

However, there will be other parts of their lives that they are passionate about. In these parts, they will strife for excellence.

If everyone wants to be absolutely perfect in every thing they do, it is a psychological disease.

If you find your students not doing what you want them to do, encourage/reprimand/lead/punish them.
A teacher needs to push his students sometimes.

All the best, bro!

AngryYoungChild said...

yeah..agree with u boy. I cant stand it when somebody just do enough in their studies. I see so many of this attitude in the people around me. Sadly.

Love ya son!

yau wei(wendy) said...

I love your current and previous posts.Is hard to tolerate such people nowadays!Just be yourself,Jon.You know who you are. XD