- Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just For Update Sake La

I tagged myself after reading Crystal's blog. Heh. Cool, right? Let me bask in my pathetic narcissistic glory for a moment and spare me any comments, feedback or reaction that goes along the lines "Trying too hard" or "Yeah right" or "Bull shyte!" or "Rubbish", but do comment if you have something other than that to say! Thank you. =P

I am supposed to list 25 things about myself.

  1. I am hooked on to InDesign. I've never been this hooked to a program before. Looking at the pictures and doing assignment have been such a joy and addiction to me. I hope I don't get bored of this program soon, or I'll be doomed. And I'll have to revert back to Microsoft Word just to find fun in doing work. Sob.

  2. I love my parents. I just came back from One Eighty meeting. I've been up since 6.30am until now, whole day filled with nonstop meetings and classes. In addition to that, the previous night, I only had 4 hours of sleep. And when I came back, I heard that my mother cried, and my mood changed immediately. I so wish to be able to be the joy of my family, but my siblings are doing a better job at that.

  3. I love my siblings. Who doesn't know that? My sister comes into my room every night to talk to me. She talks about her school and friends and life, and being an elder brother, it's just so cool to listen her ramble so energetically to me. My brother, on the other hand, comes to me and tells me how he scored a goal or smashed while playing badminton, and I can't help but just smile and see the eagerness and joy he has on his face. My (god)brother (I actually consider him as close as my biological brother), often mistaken as as "partner" or worse, "gay partner", talks to me about his beloved. You should just see how his eyes lights up whenever he talks about her. And I do admit, these three siblings of mine are popular people, and sometimes I wonder if I'm supposed to be the darkened candle behind them while they hog the limelight; but I suppose too that that is what an elder brother does - to love them and be there for them whenever they need me, and to be in the background looking after them as they smile upon the world and it showering attention on them.

  4. The reason why I don't trust people is because I don't trust myself. Don't go awww. It's insulting when I'm being honest. I always think that I'm not good enough in doing something, and I keep thinking that surely there is something I can do to better what I am currently doing. For example, right now, as I am about to step down from my presidency role of the Student Council, I think back, and I can't help but criticize myself and tell myself that I should've done a better job. And when it comes to work or assignments, at the back of my mind I keep telling myself that I have to do better, simply because I don't really trust myself.

  5. It's difficult to have me genuinely laugh and tell you I enjoyed your company. Because honestly, I don't. This applies to the majority. Don't come questioning me after reading this statement, as I will just pass you off as an insincere person who tries so desperately to have me say, "Oh, I wasn't talking about you." I like being around people who have colorful personalities, clever minds but are humble at the same time, and people who just brings life to wherever we are. And oftentimes, I would like to just sit back to listen to them talk, (that is, if what they are talking about is clever and good stuff - which is subjective to you, as I determine what is clever and good according to my clever-good measurements) and it's really surprising how much I can learn by just listening to them talk. Even their crap are educational sometimes!

  6. I don't like people who preach. I have always believe that if you believe in something so much, there is no need to preach, because automatically you will live it out. It's useless to title your blog or talk as if you are some preacher worth listening to or whose blog or work is worth reading when you yourself are not mature and are unable to handle every circumstance in life with wisdom and confidence.

  7. I deem people who complain almost always immature. IMMEDIATELY. Without another second of consideration. I believe if someone is mature enough, he or she will stand at the opposite point of view and see things their way before considering open their big smelly mouths to complain. If someone is mature enough, he or she will choose when to complain and when not to complain. If someone is mature enough, he or she will choose who to complain to - that is, I mean the source. Talk directly to the source, as it clarifies matter. You complain to nonrelated people, you either make people join you to gang up against the party you are complaining about, or you just show how much cowardice you have in not approaching the person and talk things out.

  8. I eat almost everything. Western, Chinese, Japanese are my favorites though.

  9. I always think that as long as I make someone happy, I have a reason to be happy. But that's not always the case. I realize sometimes when you give so much, and you don't get anything in return, it just feels so pointless, especially when those you help are people who do not appreciate what you do. Don't react unless you are a total altruistic person who has no problem with your conscience about your altruism. I often get angry when people throw work to me or those I care about and expect me (or us) to complete it. For example, I know somebody asked my brother to do up some certificate, and what made me blew into anger was the fact that that somebody did not show even some sincerity and appreciation when asking for his help! At least get him something, or give him a treat for heaven's sake. Gosh, insincere hypocrites just turn me off.

  10. I love blond girls with blue eyes. But not all blonds with blue eyes attract me though. For example, Sarah Walker from the series Chuck doesn't appeal to me although I have to agree she is pretty.

  11. I can't shake off this idea that I am uncreative, that everything I do is so... normal, uncreative and mediocre. Sigh. Perhaps I'm too critical, harsh and hard on myself.

  12. I've listened to Kelly Clarkson's "Sober" for more than 2000 times and I'm still in love with the song. Perhaps it's because it is so identifiable.

  13. I'm unmotivated for sports because I am not good in it, and I always feel incredibly inferior around guys who are excellent in it. Since young, my motor skills were not good and I've always been passed off as a useless guy because of this. (Gosh, the secrets I'm revealing here.) If you asked me to write, read, or play the piano, I'll happily do it, but when it comes to sports... I suppose only a few people can motivate me to do it.

  14. I don't think I'm intimidating. Granted, I have walls around me, and even the nearest to me don't get to know what I am thinking or what's troubling me or whatnot, but I don't think I'm intimidating. I'm just an average guy whom you can talk to, unless you say I'm unapproachable and intimidating because I am not good-looking but with a horrendous face. That, I can't argue with you.

  15. I tire very easily, but I just push myself. Sometimes almost to the point of physical breakdown (and sometimes, emotional breakdowns).

  16. I long to have 48 hours a day. I want to read. I want to do so many things!

  17. My current favorite song is, Sarah McLachlan's "When She Loved Me". It was my source of inspiration when I wrote my previous post - I Used to Love You, although the story has been in my mind for quite some time.

  18. People often comment how "emo" my pictures/desktop background are, but I just think they are... normal. Even "normal" isn't the correct word. I don't think they are "emo".

  19. I'm animated. Agree?

  20. I need a bigger room with racks and shelves for me to put my precious books. My room is so packed now. =(

  21. I think I will make a terrible boyfriend. Don't ask me why. I just feel so. I feel that I will upset my girlfriend so bad that we separate. Haha! I mean, I don't even think I'm a great brother, what makes me think I'll be a good boyfriend? Haha! Maybe I'm extremely immature for a relationship, so I should celebrate Singletine's Day instead, if you get what I mean.

  22. I heart Christina Aguilera. I heart heart heart heart her. And I don't understand why there are people who find her voice screechy, repulsive or irritating. GET A EAR! Come on! Hear the trills! Hear the vibrato! Hear the moderns! OMG! Hear the energy radiating through her voice and songs! LOVE CHRISTINA~!

  23. I don't simply label people friends, let alone buddy. Certain criteria you have to fulfill to achieve that status. Wah seh! Haha! I don't like people trying too hard - it annoys me, because you aren't being yourself and you aren't being truthful, what makes you think you can handle a friendship? =.= That's one of the criteria.

  24. I laugh at inappropriate moments, I think. =P I find corny romantic movies BORING! I slept through while watching Maid in Manhattan (I only went there because Audrey asked me to =.=) And when watching Korean/Japanese drama, oftentimes their romantic scene makes me get goosebumps or just gets on my laughter nerves so much that I can't help but laugh and laugh and laugh. I'd prefer movies that show love as passionate (not sex! okay?) and fierce, true and desirable. Movies that make love so simple yet complicated... Okay, I am a very complicated person - forgive me.

  25. (FINALLY! 25!!!) I like downloading stuffs! But I don't like my connection. So freakin slow. I used to be able to download 10 movies per night, but now not even one 300mb episode... =.=
Okay. I've spent quite some time blogging. Time to get back to work and sleep! Ciaoz~

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crys said...

5. "Don't come questioning me after reading this statement, as I will just pass you off as an insincere person who tries so desperately to have me say, "Oh, I wasn't talking about you.""

Okay... I promise I won't although I was tempted. I shall consider myself in the category of "colorful personalities" instead. =P

8. And Food Foundry. And cupcakes.

10. She's HOT, not pretty. =)

11. "Perhaps I'm too critical, harsh and hard on myself." I SO FREAKING ABSOLUTELY AGREE. I'd bet you dinner at Food Foundry if I can't find TEN people who agree with that statement. =)

14. "...unless you say I'm unapproachable and intimidating because I am not good-looking but with a horrendous face. That, I can't argue with you." Low self-esteem much? Looks aren't everything la... You'll have a whole diff set of problems to worry about - like whether people are your friends or whether people are attracted to you because of how you look or who you really are inside.

16. IPOH road trip!!! we'll make sure redang happens some day k??

19. "I'm animated. Agree?" YES. I will post up photo evidence SOON. muahahaah...

21. "I think I will make a terrible boyfriend." Again, a meal at Food Foundry if I can't find TEN people who will DISAGREE with that statement.

And about "Maybe I'm extremely immature for a relationship". You're 20, Jon. you have a whole life ahead of you. =P

24. "Okay, I am a very complicated person - forgive me." Very indeed. But you are forgiven. =)