- Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's Just Lie

Let's just lie and say we care
Let's hug and profess love in the air
What burden is there to bear?
Life's great, so why do we care?

This is the chorus of the latest song I'm working on. Title's Let's Just Lie.

I find that many tell those in their lives that they care, they love, but I wonder if those words are said out of much practice or truthfulness. I don't know. Perhaps it's just this pessimistic part of me that wants to believe in the first than the latter, as things done after a period time tend to be overdone hence meaningless.

The truth is, we care so much about ourselves and we don't really care about what's happening in the lives of others. The reason why we care about someone else so much is because our hearts are so attached to them, and that if they are hurt, our hearts are hurt, which we try to avoid. Has it ever occurred to you that the reason why you care about someone else so much is because if you don't do so, your ego and heart will be scarred? In other words, you care not because you care for the person but because you want to avoid your heart being hurt?

If that is the case, wouldn't that make us mere hypocrites? We say we care, but truth be told that we actually don't. And if that is the case, why don't we be straightforward a little bit and say we don't care instead of playing the familiar charade of "I am just pretending I care for you"?

Oh wait. But that would be harsh, cruel. So may be the easier way out would be masquerading. Wearing that mask to cover our true intentions. It's easier anyway. So let's lie. Let's just lie.

Ah, life's great. Why do we care anyway?

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pervertism101 said...

You pierced right through the heart of it.

Mere hypocrites. That's all we really are anyway. But then that's just me being pessimistic.