- Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Love

If you haven't heard of F.I.R., it's basically...

... is a popular Taiwanese band. Renowned producer Ian Chen formed his own band and recruited the other two members to form F.I.R. They are well known throughout Asia with their hit "Lydia," which was the theme song for the Taiwanese TV drama "The Outsiders(鬥魚)." The drama was aired in Taiwan without revealing the singer of the theme song. The song attracted many fans, which led to F.I.R.'s big success when they finally debuted in 2004. Since their debut, they have often been compared with the Japanese rock group, Do As Infinity, because of the similar music styles and formation of band members.

The name F.I.R. comes from the initials of the names of the three members: Faye, Ian, and Real. It is also a backronym for "Fairyland in Reality", one of their albums.

Source: Wikipedia - F.I.R.

Lately, I've been listening to their songs, especially one called "Wo Men De Ai". Directly translated, it will be "Our Love".

What is so special about this Taiwanese group is the beautiful chord progressions that are found infused in the songs. The raw emotions that Faye, the singer, is able to convey through her voice never seems to captivate me. The lyrics that tells stories after stories I never seem to stop identifying with. I can go on... but oh well.

Check out the lyrics of "Our Love" in direct translation.

Our Love
Reminiscing 'bout my blurry childhood
Clouds floating through the beautiful blue sky
At that time you said,
"I want to hold your hand;
Taking you with me to end of time."

Since then, I was afraid to look up at the skies
Cuz it's as though my world has lost their colors
Since then, I've forgotten to breathe
Oh my tears are no longer here, here in my eyes.

Our love has gone and will never come back
Right until this moment, I've been waiting
Our love, I realize,
It's a burden for you
It seems like forever
It's hard to let go
Of the last warmth (you gave me)...
The loving warmth you've given me

Don't ask me if I still love you
Right now I wish for my own freedom
Far away from this constraining lonesome world
(I shall) No longer (be) alone

Many who listen only to Western music might find the lyrics a little... weird or unrealistic or boring. But well, I think it's beautifully written. =)

It shows how we in our childishness desperately find love, and we think we have found it, we hang on to it. We clutch it with our bare hands, even if they are bleeding and our senses scream at our faces, pleading us to let go. But we in our childish stubbornness refuse to do so.

After a certain amount of trying and hoping in the love we have supposedly found, we begin to find that giving up is perhaps the easier way to live. Perhaps breathing and living in loneliness is easier. We swing from one side - longing for love - to the other side of spectrum, wanting nothing to do with it.

We hurt. We try to stop it. But yet again, after a long time of living in hurt, it seems to be the only way to live. It seems to be the only way we know how to live. We tell ourselves, we wish so badly for freedom. Freedom from pain. Freedom from expectations. Freedom from everything that will cut our fragile hearts again. We wish. We pray for them.

But deep inside we know we can never find it.

We try to make an impact in our lives. To leave all forms of love - the root of pain. We try to get ahead of ourselves so that one day when we find bliss in no companionship, we can smile ourselves as we stare into the mirror and tell ourselves that we have found the answer - to not hurting.

After trials of trying to love, we find ourselves facing the options of giving it another try and giving up the idea completely. Choosing the latter, we boldly implementing it. While deep down, we know that it's going to hurt. A whole lot more. But at least we know that after this rush of emotions and hurt, we will find peace. We will find paradise, far from all negativity, far from all hurt.

I think I can go on. Haha! Perhaps that's why I see beauty in these songs. People always tell me how "emo" I tend to be. But I once read a book that says that for a writer to write good, inspiring, heart-moving books, he must first experience grief, and all sorts of emotions. For a composer to write the most beautiful songs with deep lyrics and emotions, he has to go through a great deal in life and find himself in the deepest pits of emotions. He must experience grief, pain, betrayal, hurt... After doing so, then only will he begin to slowly compose such music and write such lyrics.

I suppose it's true. The great lyricists who have graced the face of this earth have gone through, at some point in their lives, much failure, much raw emotions that cut deeper than any sharp object, much despair. While many will dispute what I just said, I personally think that it is quite true.

To understand strength and truly appreciate it, we must first experience weakness. To understand love and truly appreciate it, we must first understand betrayal and loneliness. To understand joy and truly appreciate it, we must first experience hurt.


eyvon said...

This is a song that i used to sing and still like to sing when i go to karaoke.. =)

ah^kam_koko' said...

You are right about FIR.
They do they really good songs that make perfect sense in Chinese.
Lots & lots of yummy symbolism.

Your English translation does not do the lyrics justice la~~

glenn said...

as i was reading your blog, it occured to me that its all true.. about pain, misery, grief, sadness and loneliness. i have read an article in the web a while ago about a writer, and he complained that he was indeed a writer and by that he was tormented with pain and all the trials in life. he had been into all kinds of despair and he never give up.. after all, he was blessed with a beautiful life and so he lives, and forever he will be a writer.