- Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stupidly Loving

He said
It's time to stop loving
It's time to pull back
It's time to keep more than an arm's length
It's time to refrain from anything, especially love

He said
It's time to expect less, if possible, nothing
It's time to believe that there is no possibility for love
It's time to trust your instincts that there is no such thing called love
For what it brings is crushed hope and pain

No hope, no desire
No expectations, no hurt

So why care?
Why believe in cliches?
That there's always a silver lining behind every cloud?
So why believe?
Believe that love is to be given despite the hurt?
That love is to be shared despite the betrayals?
So why love?
Even though in the end solitude is the only thing that lasts?
Even though all you'll get in return is just despair and loneliness?
Why love?

Maybe you're just stupid
Maybe you're just hopeless
Maybe you're just worthless
You plunge your head into loving
Stupidly loving
Someone who puts you second, or perhaps the last
Someone who doesn't give a shit about you
Someone who says "I love you" but does not mean even an uttered syllable
Why do you love?

Save yourself before it's too late.

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glenn said...

this is my first time in your blog and i seem to agree with what you have written. its nice, and i have a fair-share of bitterness and hurtaches. keep this up bro.