- Friday, February 06, 2009

Yesterday Part I

In continuation of: I Used to Love You

People leave. Even the most precious ones. They may leave for selfish, personal reasons, they may leave because of you. You. All of you. They may choose to leave because you have give all of you; and they've found it less... appealing, not to their liking.

But what can you do? Or rather, what can he do? She said she used to love him. She left. She deliberately walked away right in front of him. She chose to leave him - shattered - and what can he do?

She was his first love. The first person he had grown so fond of, the first person he had given up everything for, just to see her happy, just to see her dreams come to realization, just to see her smile inside out.

His efforts were for naught.

To go into the working world was to start right from the bottom of the career ladder all over again. To live life without her would be living a soulless life, for his broken heart was already ripped off his chest, and perhaps the only thing that's keeping him alive was his will to live and not commit suicide.

Living life would be meaningless.

They say you never forget your first love, for it is the purest, most genuine, and most innocent love one can ever have in a lifetime. Every now and then, moments spent together with your first love will flash before you, and there's nothing you could do but feel the rush of vulnerability and emptiness consume you, over and over again.

Call him an emotional whimp. Call him a sissy. If you were in his shoes, left with nothing, literally nothing but a small, empty house in the suburbs, won't you feel this brokenness overwhelm you?

He sat in silence in his dark room, and closed his eyes. He cleared his mind, his breathing slowed. His heart ached. He wished his heart understood numbness when all it felt were brokenness and despair.

His insides hurt. He bit his tongue. He yelped. Gastritis again.

He remembered eating as little as he could to save up for the wedding ring for her. When he finally had the money, he went, happily, to purchase it, only to find it sold. He never gave up. The salesgirl told him that there was another store at the corner of the town where he could get it, but it was the last one.

He prayed hard, hoping that the last ring would be available as he rushed to the store. The journey took him three hours.

Upon arrival, he was drenched with sweat, almost dehydrated. He had forgotten to eat his lunch, but it didn't matter that time. He needed to get the ring. He ran in, and looked at the dusty jewellery shop, and wondered how on earth it managed to survive.

An old man greeted him with a smile. Larry his name was. With the help of thick glasses, Larry looked at him. "Wedding ring?"

He nodded, as his eyes nervously scanned the sets of jewelery placed in front of him. They were pretty, but not that pretty, at least in comparison with the one he wanted.

"Do you have the... Valentine's Ring?" he asked.

Larry smiled. "Used to. Just sold it moments ago to this young man. He was... about your age, but better looking."

Devastated. "I see..." his voice trailed off. "Thanks." A wave of disappointment. "Do you know where he went?"

Larry shrugged. "God knows! But he definitely turned out just now."


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ah^kam_koko' said...

Sometimes men go all around the world to find a shiny new toy to present to their women only to find that their women get bored of the toy after playing with it for a short time.

We should really give them what matters.
The things that money can't buy.
Like a good smacking when they overcook your rice.

Jon Chu said...

Now that's funny!

Crystal said...

good luck with finding a wife then =P