- Monday, March 02, 2009


I believe that one needs to be diversified if one wants to be good in whatever one is doing.

To be a good author, one must be an avid reader of all sorts of genres. Be it fiction or fantasy or nonfiction, one must be willing to take in whatever information there is. Similarly, to be a good musician and composer, one must listen to a wide variety of songs. Be it Western pop, or Hip Hop, or Chinese pop, or Japanese Rock... whatever it be, one must be receptive, because one will be very surprised at the abundance of lessons in each genre.

I have always admired those who are diversified in their reading and music-listening, and I have always pitied those who stereotyped books (e.g. I only read fantasy) and music-listening (e.g. I only listen to English songs and nothing else).

Right now, I am learning to be as diversified as I can. I am learning to accept new ideas and take in whatever I can. This is the reason why I am drowning with lots of F.I.R. music. (Oh, they are awesome. Jazz/Blues/Rock/Pop, they do them all, and their music is fresh; they are not those typical chinese bands you have).


ah^kam_koko' said...

Since you like Chinese pop, why dont you try Wang LeeHom.
I find him to be a very refreshing Chinese artist. Much better than Jay Chou in many ways.

Oh & while you're checking out music in different languages, you simply MUST check out the music produced by our neighbour, Indonesia.
Their bands produce the most heartbreaking romantic songs.


Jon Chu said...

OHHH! I love lee hom! His music. awwesome.... hahaa! new and fresh too!

Indonesia! yes yes yes! I am starting to like some of their songs... but not all of them. I need to slowly tune myself to like indonesian songs...

hey! but thanks for the tip! =D