- Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fashion and Photography

My father used to tell me that when I was young, whenever there was a fashion show aired on TV, my eyes will be glued to the television set. Not literally, but yeah, you get the drift.

And yeah, I have always loved to watch fashion shows, although I am not a fashionable person. Series like America's Next Top Model intrigues me a lot. I love to see the dresses, shirts, shoes, gowns that are designed, but funny, I have not found the interest to really study them. I think I'm just afraid I turn into... a very flamboyant character, if you get what I mean.

Yeah. That's my dilemma.

I just finished watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 11. Boy, it was awesome. The winner is McKey.

She is a boxer (can you believe it) and claims that she used to be a tomboy and loved soccer. When when she grew up, she started having this desire to model, and tada, here she is, at America's Next Top Model.

Her signature pose is the one with an angled neck. I don't know the name for it, but I know definitely it is a couture pose.

Speaking of that, until now, I have no idea how to identify whether to see if a shot is an awesome shot or not. Or if a design is good or not. I have no idea! All I am taking in is what that is shown on America's Next Top Model. I wish I know how to train my eyes to see, so that I can appreciate fashion more, and also photography more.

I have been trying to look at pictures from a professional point of view too. I said trying; I am still miles away from professional photography. I google for good pictures, look at the angles that are taken, and try to appreciate them.

Like the above picture for example.

I know the picture above is amazing. (And I know if the previous Introduction to Photography lecturer sees it, he will say subject too interesting) and the reason I know it's good is because it's obvious! What about those subtle ones, that you need a trained eye to notice and appreciate?

Or this... Which is one of McKey's best pictures in America's Next Top Model Cycle 11, by the way. Oh, that neck pose, see that? Yeah, that's her signature pose. Elegant, isn't it?

Anyway, here are some other beautiful shots from America's Next Top Model...

I am still in the midst of learning how to look at good pictures and trying to learn how to take good shots. I am not sure if I can take up photographic skills as quickly as Paul, Dixon, Yen, Sasa and Crystal, but I hope at least I can cope.

Introduction to Photography is up next semester! Gosh! It's gonna be interesting, challenging and scary! Let's rock and roll, babeh!

Before I end this post, I found this picture. It made me go WOW, how to you (1) take that shot and (2) pose like that without breaking your neck?

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