- Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Story?

I have been thinking: What is a good story?

Though good can be very subjective, surely it has qualities that all of us agree upon.

Is it character development?

Is it an emotional story?

Is it one that involves a lot of action?

Is it one that moves you emotionally?

Is it one that provokes you to think?

Is it one that makes your heart beat?

Is it one that has a climax you can barely breathe while watching?

Is it with good cinematography?

What? What is a good story?

I can't make up my mind.


Andrea Kong said...

How about everything jon? =)

Jeannette said...

i think it's mainly about character development. and it doesn't need action, as in fighting, but action, as in a sort of movement, a sense of doing things? i think that's what makes a good story la.

then there are the GREAT stories. which incorporates all of those other little things and blends them all together.

that's my take anyway. coz i think Twilight is quite a good and entertaining story. and i really can't say that it's superb writing or that it has high style.