- Friday, March 13, 2009

Had It Coming

Is it really possible to feel secure and never lonely?

Is it really possible to smile from the core of your soul, consciously knowing that you have a concrete reason to smile?

Is it really possible to be altruistic?

Is it really possible to expect nothing even if you are giving so much?

Dear you,

How have you been? Have you been smiling? Have you been crying?

It has been a while I wrote to you. Knowing that you're busy refrains me from penning my thoughts and sending to you, in hope that you would just reply. But perhaps this time it might be different?

Life has been quite fair, I believe, or at least I perceive it be. You know, perception sometimes is like a scam. It tricks you, it ensnares. All you need to do is to fall for the trick, or rather, the trap. It's weird, isn't it, that all of us love perception in our own marvelous, innocent ways? And end up hating ourselves because we fell for our own... likings for perception?

It just came to my mind, and I really do wonder why do humans love. Why did God create us this way? What if there was no existence of love? Maybe the world would have been a better place? No misuse of the words "I love you", no misrepresentations of love... Saves us a lot of heart troubles. Perhaps the world would've been greener, don't ya think so?

It's like a curse. Those who want love but aren't good enough don't get it. Those who are plain shit and God knows what hell of a life they live in and what kind of bullshit they can come up with end up getting all the attention and care, which they don't even need in the first place.

Those who ache for love don't get it. Those who have life so easy on them get love so easily.

Where doth justice liveth?

Maybe forgiveness isn't right where we fell. Maybe true love should be right where the story begins. Maybe loneliness should be wiped off. Maybe we deserve better lives. Maybe if religion goes with nonexistence our lives would be less aching. Who knows the number of maybes we can come up with!

Or maybe we just aren't contented with what we have?

I shall rest my thoughts for now. Til then, pal.

Your friend.


ah^kam_koko' said...

How can we not love & need love?
We were created for relationship with God.
If God is the original love, then to have a relationship with Him, we need to be receptive to love.

Our separation from God means that we will try to find love from many other sources.
However, these sources are all inadequate because we were designed to be in relationship with God.
Like it or not, satisfaction = God.

Nothing else in this world can love us like God.
And we are unable love anything in this world more than God.

Crystal said...

1. It may not be possible to ALWAYS feel secure and never lonely, but it is possible to feel lonely but be SECURE in the fact that you are not alone.

2. It IS possible to smile from the core of your soul, knowing you have a reason to smile. I do that on most days. Especially the bad ones. "The sun never shines as bright as it does after it rains."

3. It is possible to be altruistic. Jesus was.

4. I think the balance between expectation and giving has to be determined within the individual. But to those who have been given much with no expectation in return, it stands to reason that they have no excuse for not doing the same.

5. Those who get all the attention do not necessarily get all the CARE. Not the kind of care that they'd get even if they weren't famous and good-looking. Often those people are the loneliest people, more lonely than we'd realize.

6. Justice seems so absent sometimes. Sometimes we have so many questions. But no answers.
But here's a few more 'maybes' for you. =) Maybe we don't need the answers. Maybe we need to ask ourselves more questions. How can I be selfish when so much has been given me? How can I hate when I have been shown so much love? How can I stay angry at a God who paints the sky purple EVERY SINGLE DAY because He knows it takes my breath away? How can I wish I would never get hurt again - if it will mean never loving or being loved again? Those are the questions I ask myself - the ones that make me realize maybe the answer is not found in the 'answers', but in the journey we make to find them.