- Sunday, March 29, 2009


I need a new hobby.

Maybe I just need to try something new.

Maybe I have to do something extraordinary.

So since I do best in eating, I should try to do the opposite.

Yeah! Why not baking?

The only thing I dislike about it is the cleaning up. I find it stressful. Seeing the piles of things that need to be washed. I think by the time I finish cleaning the stuffs, I'll already be full, with no desire to finish the stuff I've baked.

But... but... the sight of these...




So let's just say I start, I'll be a total baby learning how to bake.

Okay. I'm not that cute and handsome. But hey, no experience, nothing! Maybe that's the adventure!

I need more adventures. Photography! AHHH!! and Sleeping Early! Aiyo, that I failed. BAKING? Hmmm..


Tiffanie Tan said...

baking is cool!
but photography is way cooler!

pervertism101 said...

The key is to wash while you bake. That way it won't pile up.

Or just hire someone to do it for you!