- Monday, March 02, 2009

What if it happens there?

What if you are not able to do well in your studies when you go overseas to study?

First of all, the education systems are not the same. The teaching styles are different. The way of communication, choice of words will be different. The settings will obviously be different. The competition will be way bigger. The words - more jargon.

Everything will be very, very different.

How sure are you that you are survive?

What if you fail? What if you do not perform in your studies and maintain an acceptable CGPA? What if you screw your very own future by going to a foreign place to study, and end up doing terribly?


Lawrence said...

Its difficult to answer this and I am worrying now over my results that will be released soon.. :(

ah^kam_koko' said...

The greatest regret that ppl have had is to NOT have done something that they wanted to do. Even if it had adverse consequences.
If someone wants to go overseas to study. They should go if they really want it & do their best at it.
Even if they flunk, they will still be able to appreciate the attempt in one way or another.

Jon Chu said...

dont worry! =)
you'll do fine! =)

yeah. wat you say is true. but well, i just cant help but wonder what if all these happen.. going to overseas for studies ain't cheap, and it's a huge burden/responsibility.

Phoebs said...

eh...this one I asked you one. Ceh!