- Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dear girl

Dear girl,

If nobody told you that you are beautiful, let me tell you so. You are beautiful.

The media has clouded us with so many concepts of what a beautiful girl is. They constantly bombard us with messages that go along the lines: you are beautiful if you show cleavage, you are beautiful if you have a curvaceous body, you are beautiful if your face is blemish free and fair, you are beautiful if you speak gently...

But let's just forget all these stereotypes the media has bombarded us with, so much so that unknowingly we seem to believe in them. Let's just forget them.

And let me just tell you this: You are beautiful...

Regardless of how you look,
Regardless of how rough your voice may be,
Regardless of how curvaceous your body is...

These aren't relevant anymore.

Although different guys have different definitions for beauty, but all of us share something similar: we want to please you, we want to love you. Although sometimes we fail and we do stupid things without knowing that our actions have in many ways caused you to believe we are selfish, egoistic, self-satisfied beings, but the truth is: we have our moments of self-doubts and uncertainty. We question our ability to please you, we feel insecure. Many times we find ourselves weak, and find it more difficult to admit our weaknesses because we are afraid if we do, disgust might fill your heart and appear all over your face.

We are humans too, and we are afraid of rejection.

Perhaps we have been so focused on ourselves, trying to save ourselves from self-pity or insecurity, so much so that we ignore you. We apologize for that. Perhaps we have unknowingly caused scars at your heart, we apologize for that.

But the truth is, we feel you are pretty. We do, honestly.

And that is why we/I want to tell you and remind you that

You are beautiful.

With love,


ah^kam_koko' said...

It is true that every woman is beautiful in her own way.
The plastics, cosmetics & etc should only serve to compliment & enhance your natural beauty...
Not replace it.

Katakan tak nak kepada plastic surgery!

Andrea Kong said...


Crystal said...

awww.. =) thank you Jon for this post.

and i applaud your group's presentation at last life skills! haha... even though dash spoiled it for you guys... i still believe that some guys there meant it. ;)

Joshua Anthony said...

awesome. and, to that special person u have in mind. :).. aiiiikkk...