- Friday, April 03, 2009


Dear you,

Remember when we texted each other and said we enjoyed each other's company? That was a special moment to me. Somehow during that moment, I felt as if I finally connected with somebody, after a very long time.

My lips had been dry, for they had thirst for communication so long they dried up. It has been long since we talked. Long since we communicated. Sometimes it feels as if we talk to each other, and not talk with each other -- and that really is frustrating. We gaze into each other's eyes while we're together, and let silence blanket each other's presence. Although we both agreed that sometimes silence is bliss, but sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it's torturing.

You said you'd tell me everything and not hide anything from me, and that the one keeping keeping his thoughts to himself is me. I guess it's true. They're one of my precious possessions. What if by telling you my thoughts, you discover that I have more weaknesses than I am already portraying? What if by doing so, you realize that I am not someone worth accompanying with, talking with amymore?

Ever wonder if our relationship is an accident? Ever wonder if the reason why we got close is so that we would understand what it means to be apart?

They say you learn what light is when you see darkness, or love when you experience pain. Perhaps it is for us. But who is to tell?

Tonight, I whispered into your ears that I love you, because I really do. But if we part, I'll be whispering into thin air the same words in hope that you'll hear them. Maybe our relationship is an accident; but I choose to believe it isn't -- we were meant for something more, meant to be together.

Fearfully honest,


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(Btw managed to find the article "25 Ways to Confuse Your Professors,")