- Friday, April 17, 2009

Growing Up

Dear friend,

I think at this point of time, we both can agree that it is impossible to live an only happy life. Challenges, like storms, will sweep past us. What makes the coming and going of these challenges more challenging is whether we can hold on to something when these storms sweep past us or if we'll follow the current to wherever it brings us.

But after the number of years we have lived, although we have a number of scars all around our bodies, nevertheless, we have thrived. We have survived thus far, and guess what, life is not gonna be any different in fifty years time. It will still be filled with challenges.

So why not live life? Why not love life? Why not breathe life?

By saying so, I mean taking chances, sitting down and relax whenever you can, appreciating the little things in life, learning the fine arts, loving, living.

We're obviously growing up too fast. Sometimes don't you wish if you could just be like a child? Nothing to bother you, nothing to upset you. And even if you do get upset, it'll just be for that very moment, and the sight of ... say, candy, will light your day up again!

Give yourself a break! Go and enjoy, have fun, scream, jump, sit on the swing, run, scare your friends... Do it before you are too old to do it, and that would probably be when you hit 30 (in my humble opinion).

Do not let time suck away your youthfulness. Go and enjoy. The pressures of life... they shouldn't be getting to you because they aren't your masters; you are their masters. You decide what goes on in your life (well, most of it) and you decide how you are to approach each and every situation. You can be a total suck up and grumble about everything. You can label your life as being terrible or whatever adjective you can put slot in; or you can decide to smile because the situation will not change anyway.

So, dear friend,

Smile like you mean it. Live like you love life. It's gonna be a pretty tough and harsh ride ahead. Brace yourself.

God bless you.



ah^kam_koko' said...

You are right.
We cannot change our situations but we can change our status.
We can either become a victim or a victor.

p/s: hope everything is well with you, Jon!

Crystal said...

beautifully said... =) it seems like these days the posts i read on this blog seem to run along the same track of my own train of thoughts.. =)