- Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looks Like Somebody Has Stepped Up

... to become a decent President.

Am just back from Amanda's party. Tired after a day of back-to-back activities. First class in the morning, then rushed to work, after which was church and then Amanda's party. Right now, I'm a total wreck. But I have to comment: the food at Amanda's party was goooood! Nyam! This is one of rare moments when I actually enjoyed food at a birthday party! =D

But anyway, I read this post by our Life College current President. Boy, I have to say, the boy is learning really quickly. This man is stepping up to becoming a very responsible president. Who knows... he might be better than my batch!

Not that my batch was excellent, you see. But we did make some changes, and hopefully, in some students' eyes, improved the condition of the college. But whatever it be, I hope that the Council will continue in looking into the betterment of the college environment. There are so many things I lack in and that he is better in.



May you go from strength to strength, glory to glory. May you see that it is okay to shoot people for the majority good. May you understand that being a Council President isn't an easy job, but if things are done well, the satisfaction brings more than a smile.

Like my previous post, may your passion, your strength, your vision for the college and council be like a burning fire that spreads so rapidly across the student body. Know that you have the support of the previous council and that whenever you need help, we will be here to assist you.

I think my current favorite phrase will be: I WANNA SET THE WORLD ON FIRE. I leave this phrase with you too. Set your world on fire. I don't mean burn everything to ash. I mean spread your passion, your eagerness, your positive energy around and influence those around you.

Make an impact. Our lives are too short to cry over petty things. Let us instead make an impact. Influence at least one person. Light up at least one person's life. Cause at least one person to smile and another to leap into dancing.

With confidence,


ah^kam_koko' said...

Remember to pat his back when you see him!
He needs to know he is doing things right!

Joshua Anthony said...

uuuui... y la publicly say one... paiseh... haha. thanks mr.p. :)
i know its hard but i know about it even before i accept the post. why la u think it took me a long time to decide! LOL

Crystal said...

okay, it's not worth very much but here's my two cents (or more like half a cent): I wholeheartedly, in every way, agree with Jon.

You're doing an awesome job!! =)

Jon Chu said...

I think I always do that. =)

LOL. eh, stop calling me mr. P. I'm done with presidency already k? now YOU are the president. so call yourself mr. P la you! =P

yep yep yep
hajok's doing an awesome job! =)